Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DHECC - Comment Bump and legal filings, Jan. 29, 2014

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DHECC - Blood in the water": 

Today BP filed a motion for all of the information requested in the above letter. They claim they are entitled to more than the "non-parties" (Sutton, reitano, andry and Lerner). Interesting choice of words. Since they basically make the same argument for discovery as andry and Lerner, I guess they wanted to give the judge a reason to grant their motion while still denying andry and Lerner's. Waste of paper. Since when does this judge need a reason to violate due process or the federal rules? 

Here are the filings including Freeh and Juneau's response:

BP Memo in support of discovery

Freeh letter to BP

Juneau letter to BP Counse


Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Juneau did not tell Mr. Freeh that he pushed a payment to the front of the line for a LSU Football AD and that his grandson made the team as a walk on. Seems to be more of a conflict than emplyees blowing off steam at a strip club. Maybe Mr. Juneau told Mr. Freeh but Mr. Freeh didn't tell the Judge. Maybe he told the Judge but not Mr. Freeh. Maybe he told both. Maybe he didn't tell anyone. It is hard to tell who is on what team in this snake den. After reading BP's discovery request, I think they are wondering the same thing.

Kevin said...

No way! Pat Juneau's grandson is playing football for LSU? Is it Michael Juneau's son?

Wait! An LSU Athletic Director had a BP claim? For what? A house on the beach?

Anonymous said...


Kevin said...

If he gets an LSU MBA, he can step right into a job with Alpha Consulting Group at the DHECC (assuming he doesn't turn pro).