Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hope you have a great year, folks.

Also, good story by Mike Perlstein and Gordon Russell today in The Advocate:

Lone lawmaker releases Tulane scholarship form that leaders want to keep secret

While they're on the hunt, Mike and Gordon may want to call Sen. Mary Landrieu's office and ask her if she has a child that received a scholarship to Tulane and how it was obtained...I'm curious to find out what the skinny is on that one. 


Anonymous said...

You must be referring to this article:

I have also heard that Frank Connor Snellings received a scholarship from Tulane, although I am not certain if it was a result of his DUI and 'tapping' a pedestrian with his vehicle in the FQ.

Didn't Mr. Snellings also receive a job from the prestigious private University? Hopefully its a night job to keep him off the streets in the evening.

Probably just a pay off to the Landrieu Family....perhaps Wisner.

Jason Brad Berry said...

"....perhaps Wisner."

And that's why I'm curious. I didn't want to go into the DUI thing because that's irrelevant but since you went there, it must be pretty special to be rewarded with a full scholarship and a job from Tulane for getting arrested...if that's the case.

If this is true, that's a potential quid pro quo to the Landrieu family per Tulane. I'm not saying it's directly related to Wisner but I'd like to know why the guy was given the scholarship. Tulane is a private school, they can do what they want in respect to awarding scholarships but if this was done for some political favor given to the school from Sen. Landrieu and/or Mayor Landrieu that constitutes bribery in the public sphere.

Anonymous said... gets a break on some city property taxes...I don't see where Tulane pays ANY property taxes on any of its many buildings.. The Mayor get 5 and the legislators get one each per year - is that Reps and Senators? wow that's alotta $$$ - five four year scholarships per year for the Mayor adds up to quite a chunk of money....and the citizens are actually paying for it - so the citizens should have a panel to choose who gets them.... aint gonna happnen! Does this go on in other states?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Not a BP generated myth. The links to the FQ SC's is real.
Olinde is a common denominator.
Follow the money.