Monday, January 20, 2014

PR firm doesn't like real at 11....

I hate to send anyone to read this two paragraph blurb Rich Rainey wrote about The Lens story on Mitch Landrieu's bullying tactics:

Lens profile says Mayor Mitch Landrieu plays political hardball

...then read the comment section where Steve Myers (The Lens) objects to Rich Rainey claiming the story was written from "mostly anonymous sources".

Rainey didn't respond to Myers' objection to his claim.

Remember that the Brave Newhouse World initiative was to interact with the commenters but somehow Rainey doesn't seem too worried about responding to not only a commenter, but a peer's objection to his story.

Funny how the TP watered down The Lens headline from "Bully" to "Political Hardball", eh?

Click this screen capture of the story and look closely:

Do you see what I see?  Apropos.
Why doesn't dude just make the jump and work in PR?


Anonymous said...

For you see, Jason, that was how the young Dick Rainey was raised. He cut his teeth at the TP by licking the boots of Aaron Brousard. Rainey is a snake, not a journalist. You hit the nail on the head - he is a PR boy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Mitch would be in this much trouble but the real out of state money men have arrived intent on knocking out Mary Landrieu by starting with Mitch Landrieu and this effort appears to be really working. The money men are outspending the Landrieu's right now with the inner city Ministers. This is money you can't detect or trace because its outside of the campaign finance laws--donations to private 501(c)(3)s. Over a 100 ministers to announce their support for Bagneris on Thursday means the money is coming in from somewhere because you wouldn't get that many together unless funds were flowing to their organizations somehow.

SOUL, BOLD, COUP, LIFE, etc have now endorsed Bagneris and Bagneris is raking in the campaign donations to boot. This will be a very very close election which is probably why Mitch Landrieu pressured Manny Chevrolet Bruno to drop out of the race. President Obama's input into the race also raises red flags for the Mitch camp because that means the Landrieu camp is mortified right now.

There is a lot of political power being put on the line in this election and if Mitch is reelected it could spell doom for SOUL, COUP, LIFE, and BOLD for years to come.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah well in the screen capture on this post, Mitch's money men are listed right next to his's money men as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the national Democratic party has realized how big the Orleans Mayor's race actually is nationally unless they already know that Mary Landrieu's reelection hopes are a lost cause so its best to spend money elsewhere. We will know soon enough if Obama makes a surprise campaign stop in New Orleans to promote Landrieu prior to the election.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Obama stopping by New Orleans is not going to affect Mary L.'s chances in any way.

If the Duck Dynasty guys endorsed her...that may help.