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DHECC - Scoreboard August 6, 2014.

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Tuesday night A.S.S. report as of 8/5/14.

189 Denials issued 27 denied for causation.

6 BEL claims paid totaling $65,011.00 the avg. wind fall as they like to report is $ 10,835.12

Current overall Denials now exceed Unique Claimants paid.

2,902 Eligible with no payment.
4,517 Excluded Denials.
3,844 Causation Denials.
10,674 Other Denials 
38,590 Incomplete Denials.

60,527 Denials vs. 46,216 Unique Claimants Paid 

Hopefully the PSC or BP will show the Supreme Court their A.S.S. they had no problem selling it as they defended and presented with class notice to the so called negotiated Class. 

A.S.S. “Assumed the Settlement was Satisfactory”



Anonymous said...

Last week’s A.S.S. report 8/1/14 thru 8/8/14 Once again the Asses are the majority.

BEL class notices issued.

4 Eligible with no payment.
4 Excluded.
130 Causation Denials.
17 Other Denials.
127 Incomplete Denials.

282 Total A.S.S “Assumed the Settlement was Satisfactory”

With another 24 taking the 40% remaining balance offered by GCCF.

Payments made.
98 BEL claims paid totaling $5,355,668.00 the avg. wind fall as they like to report is $ 54,649.00


Anonymous said...

Friday night hauling A.S.S. reported on 8/11/14.

Once again the majority of the notices favor BP.

59 Denials issued 33 denied for causation.

1 Eligible with no payment.

2 More class members accepted the GCCF 40% offer.

For a total of 62

A.S.S “Assumed the Settlement was Satisfactory”


15 payments made to the BEL Class.


Anonymous said...

Monday Night reported on 8/12/14

34 Denials issued 10 Excluded Class 16 for Failed Causation.

It just might be time to give BP what they want “Litigation”

Or request a New Class Notice that includes the changes made by Policy 495.

From the Class Notice:
5.Why is there a settlement?

The Court has not decided the case in favor of Plaintiffs or BP. Instead, after extensive, arm’s length negotiations, the Plaintiffs and BP have agreed to settle this case to avoid the cost, delay, and risk of a trial. The Class Representatives and their lawyers think the proposed E&PD Settlement is best for all E&PD Class Members.

If you review the stats it’s now clear this settlement is not what is best for the E&PD Class.

1.2,910 claimants believed the settlement was better than GCCF now Eligible with No Payment.

2.4,549 claimants believed they were Class Members now Excluded.

3.7,328 claimants filed after signing the GCCF Release.

4.3,940 claimants filed but failed the Causation Test.

5.10,695 claimants were Denied as Other (by footnotes, exclusions and Zone Maps)

6.38,701 claimants received Incomplete Denials.

(With over 500 policies they still can’t satisfy the document requirements.)

7.2,903 claimants elected to accept the 40% offered by GCCF.

On the flip side.

1.4,657 Seafood Unique Claimants paid.

This is a separate fund basically part of the settlement but not part of the BEL class.

2.5,280 VoO payments exception to the GCCF release but technically not class members.

So what’s left?

1.19,413 Coastal Real Property owners getting reimbursed for 2010 property taxes.

2.4,754 IEL payments when 43,340 filed for loss.

3.10,247 BEL payments when 102,605 filed for loss.

4.453 Start Ups payments when 5,600 filed for loss.

5.22 Failed Business payments when 3,788 filed for loss.

With these stats why would anyone want to defend this settlement or even claim this is a ‘Settlement.”