Friday, November 28, 2014

Varney writes political blog, calls AZ political

I don't even know why I'm reposting this moron but I broke my cardinal rule and tried to comment on course it wouldn't let me.  Here's the comment I tried to post:

" I am not a political blogger.  YOU are a political blogger.  I am an actual should learn the difference, dipshit."

He didn't even get the story right.....I have no idea why he thinks it's only about $20,000.  It's about lying about his medical malpractice insurance, it's about $100,000 over 5 years while only turning in 16 of 63 timesheets, it's about being tenured at LSU as a part-time employee when that is specifically against their policy, it's about whether or not he actually did the work he got paid for, it's about him lying to The House of Representatives Committee on Ethics.

I don't know what is more hypocritical, Cassidy running on an anti-government platform while sucking the public teat or Varney stating I am nothing more than a "political blogger" while writing a very blatant political push piece to try and water down the seriousness of this issue.


ghack said...

I keep having to explain this to those poor saps stuck in the "reality based community": "Facts" are merely rhetorical devices to advance the narrative. If they don't advance the narrative then they clearly are not "facts" and as the "correct" narrative has been established this is all clearly a fabrication to advance your own "false" narrative. Varney has simple corrected the narrative with his own version of “facts".

bruthas back said...

varney is a fuk boy.wasn't the guy in the earnest goes to camp movies named varney too? IMO the advocate beats the $h!t out of the pic anyway. the day before the cassidy article they had one on danzinger and how englehardt should recuse himself. i have a funny feeling the comment scandal might rear its head again in the retrial.