Saturday, November 29, 2014

DHECC - McGladrey audit Part 1

Here's the 1st part of the McGladrey audit that I mis-linked in the previous post, I have corrected it there as well:

McGladrey audit Part 1


Ashton O'Dwyer said...

Thank you for "fixing" this and for posting Part 1 of the audit, Mr. Berry. It is now apparent that Jennifer Larino of "the Times Pick-Your-Nose", on 11/25/14 ["Audit - Vast Majority of BP Oil Spill Claims Payments are Correct"], simply "summarized" Appendix C to the report, namely "Management's response" to the audit report, commencing at page 77. The author or authors of "Management's response", Appendix C, are unknown, but presumably include Juneau, various PSC attorneys, and their "pimps, whores, surrogates and alter egos". I await BP's "gold-plated lawyers'" response to the McGladrey audit report in due course. In the meantime, "the jury is still out" on the conclusions of the McGladrey audit report, as reported by the Times Pick-Your-Nose. Ashton O'Dwyer.

Clay said...

BP points to questionable documentation revealed by audit

BP snuffs around, doesn't like the smell.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah I'm still reading it and mulling it over. I will post something later on in the week.