Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Zombie Fund Drive

I have admittedly been slacking on the blog because I've had a lot going in my life including a move and some medical challenges I've been dealing with but I am now back in the saddle and writing again.  

I try to keep my donation soliciting to a minimum but this is one of those times where I could really use the help to continue the efforts on the blog so if you can find it in your heart and your pocket please make a donation on the Paypal button on the right side of the blog >>>>>>>>>>>>

For those folks who have continually eternal gratitude....for those folks who read AZ daily or weekly...and there are a lot of you....please consider making a donation.  This work consumes a tremendous amount of my time and attention and while I don't do this for money it sure does help.  Thanks for you consideration.


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Anonymous said...

The big easy is slated for a name change to The Big Scam.

It’s now time to investigate the profiters of this deal. Starting with the PSC, Claims Administrator, Court Vendors, Special Master and BP.

The PSC although may have had good intentions it now appears the incentive of the $600 million is clouding it’s judgement. The amount of denied claimants out ways the argument that this settlement servers as the best interests for all the Plaintiffs and the Economic Class.

Such a blown opportunity when you have a company accepting responsablity and found guilty of 11 counts of Manslaughter.

The Court has not decided the case in favor of Plaintiffs or BP. Instead, after extensive, arm’s length negotiations, the Plaintiffs and BP have agreed to settle this case to avoid the cost, delay, and risk of a trial. The Class Representatives and their lawyers think the proposed E&PD Settlement is best for all E&PD Class Members.

The Claims Administrator is now under attack with the resent documents released it’s clear his days are numbered and he has lost control of the process. Compounded by the expedited claims, diversion of the court order on Fist In First Out, escalating adminastrative cost and poor stats.

Class Notice Q.20 In general, valid claims will be paid as they are received and approved.

It just might be time to bring back Kenneth Feinberg.

The Court Vendors are having a field day passing claims between departments at the expense of BP.
It’s time to request an independent investagation on the handling, delaying and holding back of offers by this group.

The Settlement Program, including the Claims Administrator and Claims Administration Vendors, shall work with Economic Class Members (including individual Economic Class Members’ counsel and Class Counsel) to facilitate Economic Class Members’ assembly and submission of Claims Forms, including all supporting documentation necessary to process Claim Forms under the applicable Claims Processes. The Settlement Program, including the Claims Administrator and Claims Administration Vendors, shall use its best efforts to provide Economic Class Members with assistance, information, opportunities and notice so that the Economic Class Member has the best opportunity to be determined eligible for and receive the Settlement Payment(s) to which the Economic Class Member is entitled under the terms of the Agreement.

I have personally encountered several errors made by the court vendors with wrong classification, wrong zones each one triggering months of delays correcting them. Some have been issued improper Incomplete Notice’s denying or delaying a claimants payment. This is now unfortunatly to common with no intent to correct or resolve when addressed.

Special Master

Ok so suspicion was cast on the claims processors and special relationships found within the CA office. Looking for a pound of fleash he gets directed on a wild witch hunt and offers up a few non key players.

He gets his foot in the door and instead of focusing on the power players he diverts his attack to the claimants. It now appears he is playing the role of a clean up or cover up the mess guy than an independent investigator.

Do the math how much is being spent to how much was found and collected.

BP what a smoke and mirror trick they pulled off. They cracked the mold on the standard operating proceedures, hired the best firms that are two steps ahead of the PSC, advertises their commitments and has everyone begging to keep a failed settlement saving them billions.