Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DHECC - McGladrey hires a cleaner

McGladrey whistleblower reports investigation underway; Partner in charge of Deepwater Horizon audit asked to stay away from headquarters

Meet Sean Hecker.  Dude looks like he stepped out of central casting.  Are we sure that isn't a stock photo of a model?

14 million dollar question....was he called in to investigate or obfuscate?    


Anonymous said...

PSC, Freeh, McGladrey.... Has anyone ever really investigated anything in this debacle.

Anonymous said...

One degree of Chelsea Manning.

Anonymous said...

And this is the attorney that McGladrey hired to "clean up" ??? THEY ALL HAVE A LOT IN COMMON! Read the link:

BP Oil - I feel sorry for you guys, everyone is robbing you guys BLIND!