Saturday, March 14, 2015

Perhaps someone outside of LSU needs to audit LSU

John Chavis asks claims contract breach by LSU; LSU seeks proof Chavis was not employed at Texas A&M in January

Ya know?  I begged our state legislative auditor, Daryl Purpera, to conduct an independent (of LSU) audit of Senator Bill Cassidy's billing practices to LSUHSC.  I also begged the state's Inspector General, Stephen B. Street, to do the same.

If these guys aren't seeing a pattern of hazy contracts and potentially catastrophic backroom deals going on within the University, I'm not sure they deserve to hold their respective offices.'s a fucking clue, guys.  Start here.

Unless LSU is going to charm our state's lost youth by offering degrees in tailgating, they may want to look at the institution as something other than a cash-generating, right-wing, political funnel built on the backs of under-educated, disenfranchised, African-American, young men.

A young man whose mother is apparently being indicted for the same crime, fraudulent billing (to medicare/medicaid), our current U.S. Senator just committed.

The selective prosecution in this state from the DOJ to the ODC is more destructive than the actual crimes and corruption being committed by the public.

The fact that Cassidy was supposed to be serving Angola and never showed up is beyond any ironic metaphor I can dream up.

But hey...don't let me ruin your football season, bro'z.  

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Anonymous said...

Our current American system is to have one smaller group of people and institutions above the law, and one much larger group of folks subject to the fullest extent of the law. It is the old boy network on steroids!