Wednesday, March 18, 2015

...and it's probably too late for salvation


Anonymous said...

In my last class Appeal 101 I focused on the BP Appeals only on Table 6.

So let’s review the Total Appeals group.

Line 1 Resolved by panel 3,434 this is up slightly but the total Under Discretionary Review are equally up today’s stats now has them at 216.

Line 2 we have 906 Resolved by Parties these are people accepting a lower offer or what is known as a compromise.

Line 3 Withdraw 392 mostly untimely appeals with BP having 351.

Line 4 Administratively Closed 467 under the rules updated on 12/4/14 proper action a claimants must request reconsideration prior to filing an appeal.

Line 5 Inactive Under Reconsideration 232

Line 6 Remand to Claims Administrator 199 these are recommendation from the appeal panel to have the court vendors re-look at the determination or calculations.

Line 7 Return for Review Under Policy 495 1,530 claims that had an Offer and won the appeal. But was held up by the injunction.

Total appeals filed 7,160 to date ironically little to none filed before the Fairness Hearing just a few VoO that the Court Vendors made mistakes on BP won them all.

Line 9-12 when you return from spring break.


Anonymous said...

Have the appeals declined since BP dropped the suit to remove Juneau?

Anonymous said...

Within the last 5 days more appeals filed vs. resolved.

51 New appeals received.
-27 Pending appeals

Total pending appeals 698 Feb report only had 306.
DC reviews dropping by 10.
Leaving 206 still in Discretionary Court Review Feb report we only had 71.

Monthly Court Report is expected any day I’ll recap the month when it’s posted.

Report No. 30 has BP filing 215 appeals in Feb.
So the new report should confirm BP’s new delay tactic by overwhelming the appeal panel.


Anonymous said...

So who is getting paid since BP dropped the appeal?

Comparing stats from March 11, 2015 to March 27, 2015.

Lets first look at the new offers made.

10 Individual Economic Loss
407 Business Economic Loss
13 Start ups
0 Failed Business
104 Coastal Real Property
129 Wetlands
926 Subsistence

1,589 Offers

Within the same time frame denials issued.

52 Eligible with no payment.
24 Prior GCCF Release.
78 Causation Denials.
305 Other Denials.
826 Incomplete Denials.

1,285 Denials

The 621 BEL Denials this week is no trade off for the 926 Subsistence offers, another winning month for BP.

We also hit a new milestone for the IEL’s 20,000 Incomplete Denials vs. 5,637 Unique Claimants Paid.