Friday, April 03, 2015

The Wisner Trust - a peace offering

The heirs of the Wisner Trust sent a peace offering to Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Essentially, they are offering the Mayor a cooperative endeavor agreement to move forward in the wake of the nightmare that's unfolded in the past few years.  It's an attempt to keep the Trust in order....not to dissolve its original mission....but to maintain this wonderful thing the City of New Orleans has going for it and to continue to fund the vision that Ed Wisner had for New Orleans.

A vision of a City that is dedicated to Art, philanthropy, education,

Here is that suggestion.

The ball is in the Mayor's court.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand, what is the City's end game here? Two years of legal fights - for what? It doesn't seem to have yielded the City much of anything.

Jason Brad Berry said...

It's Mitch Landrieu's ego....that's about the sum of it.