Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donation Gracias

Thank you, VM, for the donation!  It is my middle of the year fund drive so if you are so inclined to donate to AZ please click the PayPal button over on the right side of the blog.

I know I haven't done a lot of posting recently but I have been chasing down a many leads and I am going to start some new stories very soon.  I am also going to try and start implementing more video into the blog if possible if I can find the financial resources and time.

One idea I've bounced around is doing a live talk show, webcast (that's my profession), in a casual setting (happy hour at a bar) where a couple of other hosts and I air out the main political issues in the city with guests that are directly involved.  The show would be live, hence anything goes.  Curious to get any feedback on that from you, dear readers, as to whether or not you think it's a good idea or a stinker.

I would hope to sell advertising on this venture and eventually do it once a week but to begin with I would only be able to do it once a month, maybe twice.

Please give me your input on that one and please donate if you appreciate the work I do here on AZ.  Those of you who have continually donated, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and please don't feel obligated this time...that goes for you D.

Thank you!


jeffrey said...

Should call it Inebriated Sources

Anonymous said...

Poor Zombie... Resorting to begging for handouts. If BP keeps agreeing to pay and pay and pay, you'll have nothing to write about anyhow. Seems like nobody's interested in your little blog but you. Maybe BP will agree to fund you if you ask really nicely.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Poor dude, lost his job because he couldn't keep his little prick in his pants. If you need me to help you set up a Paypal account let me know. I've been working on donations for 9 years today and I have at least one indictment for each one of those years. But you keep talking, Skippy, Iove it when peopke can't keep their mouth shut.

Kevin said...


You think it's McNamee who maybe had a few drinks (cheap liquor on his own dime) and whatever on Independence Day and decided to come out from under a slimy rock?

Jason Brad Berry said...

It's "blame the blogger" for your own transgressions...I'm used to it. What's funny is they always think it's all about them, typical traits of egomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Hey J,

the last comment was supposed to be here, NOT in the link to the 3:30 broadcast. If you decide you can handle it at all, feel free to post it here or I'll re-post it myself if you prefer, just let me know. Would definitely be inter in a collab cause I'm free now for media; was never the case for last 30 years.