Monday, June 29, 2015

Zombie Live!

Hey folks,  I'm going to be on a live interview with Dirty Coast today at 3:30 cst.  Please tune in and you can ask me anything you want about my work here on AZ.  I'm starting a couple of new stories and still slogging away on the old ones so any questions you have please tune in and fire away.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I'd really be interested in this. maybe we can even cover the BR market with the Legislature and the AG's office and EBR, too.
I realize it's probably not exactly what you're looking for but it does go ALL OVER, including the UK, Pensacola, and Dallas.

FYI: I didn't see the sentencing for FF earlier in the year, but you might want to look at this:

who was the judge?? Oh yeah:

and who was that attorney? Oh yeah:$/SEC/Name.asp?X=j%2E+paul+caver%2C+p%2Ec%2E

OH, yeah, and who was the guy who dropped the ball?

Oh, and speaking of nuclear "power" who was it that took over the office in Dallas after the move to Dragon St?


If that's not spooky enough, just for a change of pace, why is the worst place to move if you're in custody of ??? ....someone?

St Gabriel Louisiana:

of course, could be a coincidence:

still I would want to count my "chickens" if I was Durst, as they say,

The Ocean is The SHarks's House:

You know what happens when Chickens end up in the "house"?.....gotta watch...its priceless.

Call me, I think you got my #.

M in BR.