Friday, October 28, 2016

Caroline Fayard...keepin' it classy

I really had every intention of keeping my opinion to myself during this Senate race....I swear.  I have been admittedly absent from the AZ world, even though I have some upcoming stories on the Public Belt I've been working on. Including an interview with Mayor Landrieu regarding his perspective of the issue.

As my readers know, I've written extensively about Caroline Fayard's father, Calvin Fayard, in respect to his role as a plaintiff steering committee attorney with the BP oil spill settlement and as one of the law firms who bullied their way in to the Wisner Trust oil spill settlement.  While Caroline did play a part in both stories, especially the Wisner drama, I figured I would just let the stories speak for themselves if anyone wanted to read about it.

Then Fayard announced she was opposed to the lawsuit the state is filing against oil and gas companies to hold them accountable for the damage they've done to our state's coast.  She said, "It's very easy for politicians and people to say, 'Let's just sue. Litigation's expensive.  It's costly. It's time consuming. And there's no guarantees."

I literally spit coffee on my keyboard the first time I read that.

Still....I had nothing to say. campaign went and did this absurd, tasteless bullshit:

Caroline Fayard chooses to continue running David Duke-themed anti-Foster Campbell ad, loses Alliance for Good Government endorsement

After she accused Campbell's campaign of being focused on attacking her family:

An act of desperation?  Absolutely...and a pathetic one at that.  But the blowback has been swift and merciless leaving even the little, penny-ante sycophants running for cover (i could link that but I won't).

There's only so much sanctimony and hypocrisy a zombie can take, homeys.

Sooooo.....let me remind you of a little Vanity Fair article that was published back in June of 2006 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

It showcased Carloline's father, Calvin, playing Billy Joe Baddass in the front yard of his multi-million dollar wedding cake house (paid for with litigation that doesn't always work).

The online version of the story doesn't have the photos that were included in the magazine edition but luckily Zombie has a scanner.

Who you gonna shoot, Rambo?

Look at those swingin' dicks with their thousand dollar suits and Remington shotguns just waitin' for a "thug" to try and loot their mansion.

Finger on the trigger...judges on speed dial.

Here's the corresponding paragraph to the picture:
Some of the city’s richest residents stepped into the breach, taking security into their own hands. In New Orleans’s upscale Uptown neighborhood, well-heeled and well-armed property owners, sometimes with security guards to assist them, kept possible looters at bay, carrying firearms openly in their neighborhoods and looking after neighbors’ homes and valuables—even keeping a close watch on friends’ irreplaceable art collections. Attorney Calvin Fayard—one of the region’s major political fund-raisers for the Democratic Party, and the owner of the so-called Wedding Cake House, one of the city’s grand mansions—would remain at home and on guard with a coterie of like-minded friends. Some would use their powerboats to rescue the marooned. Their neighbors would dine on gourmet food from nearby specialty stores. Some would bathe in their stagnant swimming pools. One or two would take the opportunity to fly by helicopter to the office to shred potentially sensitive business documents—to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, should law and order break down altogether.  

It cracks me up that he actually posed for this photo...replete with sunglasses and Armani, Perlis, (whatever) suit.  He must have been really proud of himself.  And something tells me even though Brinkley buried "Some would use their powerboats to rescue the marooned" in the middle of the paragraph as a compassionate caveat, Calvin was most likely not in that number.  

Fayard's campaign is trying desperately to associate Foster Campbell with something racist. Meanwhile, her Pops was flaunting that bullshit in Vanity Fair during the most vulnerable period this city ever experienced.


Unknown said...

Welcome back! Helluva post! Very fertile ground to plow. Let's start here:

Anonymous said...

And I think she's got Mary Landrieu shilling for her too. Got one email from Carolyn and the next day some tripe from Landrieu. Thanks but no thanks.

Kevin said...

Part 1 of 2

In her own words, Caroline Fayard wants voters to focus on the things she’s achieved in her own life – those things she’s done herself. She’s relatively young with a short list of accomplishments and no responsibility for anyone but herself (no spouse; no children; not a caregiver to ailing or needy family members).

She talks about her work on the BP settlement as though she contributed some serious negotiating skills and legal prowess of her own that resulted in BP transferring an already existing pot of money from the hands of Kenneth Feinberg to the hands of Pat Juneau. Yet, she refuses to answer specific, relevant questions about what she actually contributed to the settlement negotiations. She hides behind a “court order” and doesn’t produce her time records so that voters can see if the work she did qualifies her to be a senator or a senator’s minion.

She publicly claimed she has spent the last 4 years of her life (2012-2016) working on negotiating the BP settlement, yet, the public record clearly shows the BP settlement was preliminarily approved by the court in April 2012 and given final approval by the court in December 2012 – 4 years ago! Why did she spend the last 4 years of her life negotiating something that had been approved by the court 4 years ago?!?

What other “skills” does she hope to bring to the powerful office of United States Senator?

She may have developed leadership skills as the president of her sorority at Dartmouth College back in 1999. She was also president of the Greek council on campus sometime during 1998 or 1999. Yet, she doesn’t seem to want to talk about those years, either?

During 1998, there was the “ghetto party” thrown by a fraternity and sorority at Dartmouth. Did she participate in that tasteless mockery of disadvantaged people? Does she have any pics she wants to share with (or hide from) the voters?

What about the 1998 “slave auction” fundraiser put on by an unidentified sorority at Dartmouth? Did she participate in that?

What did she do in response to these atrocities as a leader on the campus of a college built by slaves? Where are her written letters condemning these hurtful and offensive activities and demanding they never be repeated? As best I can tell, she was a 1999 member of the Coed Fraternity Sorority Council (“CFS”) that offered a set of recommendations to the Board of Trustees on their Student Life Initiative on how to reform the Greek system.

Then, in 2000, the school newspaper, The Dartmouth, reported that faculty members said that such changes would not rectify problems with the Greek system, and instead argued for complete withdrawal of Dartmouth College support. A primary concern was that the fraternity system is HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE AND DISCRIMINATORY, and did not conform with the goals set forth by the Committee on the Student Life Initiative. The Dartmouth reported that Associate Professor of Religion Susan Ackerman -- who proposed the resolution -- called the CFS system one of “power and privilege,” citing figures which showed that CFS affiliated students tend to be mostly white and more affluent than other students. Another faculty member, Marianne Hirsch, was quoted as saying: “Isn’t it clear by now that reform has not and will not work?”

Well, it’s pretty clear that Professor Marianne Hirsch was right to be concerned about the so-called reforms proposed by the CFS and others on campus at good ole’ Dartmouth College. As recently as 2013, the Alpha Delta fraternity at Dartmouth cohosted a “Bloods & Crips” party on July 26 with the Delta Delta Delta sorority – Caroline Fayard’s sorority. They invited attendees to dress up as either a Blood or Crip, referring to the notorious, predominately black street gangs based in Los Angeles.

Kevin said...

Part 2 of 2

Again, where are Caroline Fayard’s written words condemning such racially insensitive behavior by her own sorority sisters at her alma mater? What was Caroline Fayard’s response to this “offensive slur” as some labeled it? Where is her leadership on her little sisters making light of a very serious issue that affects many people nationwide, particularly young people? Did she support the Dartmouth sorority leaders in 2014 who boycotted sorority rush “due to racism, classism and queerphobia?”

Recently Caroline Fayard was quoted in the local media as saying: “I want to work with colleges and universities to make sure there is a quality of access for all, and to make sure that people, regardless of gender, feel as though they are in a safe and supportive environment.”

IMHO, she has a chip on her shoulder and is more concerned with “gender” equality than she is with racial equality.

What say you, Caroline Fayard?

Unknown said...

'"Bowing to political pressure, they have attempted to silence our campaign and to suppress the truth: that Foster Campbell is a fraud," Fayard said in a statement." I believe this quote is from local and regional news outlets.

Caroline Fayard,has anyone attempted on your behalf to silence others and suppress the truth?

Kevin said...


Your post highlights Calvin Fayard toting his "Remington shotgun" to keep the "thugs" away from his mansion on St. Charles Avenue. That provides a great segue for discussing Caroline Fayard's position on gun control.

Caroline Fayard has publicly and enthusiastically gone on record as supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

Should Fayard be elected senator and Clinton elected President, it's probably safe to presume that Fayard would support Clinton's agenda along the way.

Clinton has repeatedly announced she will change laws so that crime victims can sue gun manufacturers. For the following reasons, I'd bet Caroline Fayard would do her best to advance such legislation:

1. Caroline Fayard is a personal injury (a/k/a civil justice) lawyer who has, thus far, made large sums of money as an attorney;

2. Her dad is a class action, personal injury attorney;

3. Her dad sued (unsuccessfully) the gun manufacturers before on behalf of former Mayor Morial and the City of New Orleans (2:98-cv-03467-HGB Morial, et al v. Smith & Wesson Corp, et al);

4. Her dad helped Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham, receive at least $25 million dollars for lobbying former-President Bill Clinton and Congress (I believe without a lobbying license) in connection with the Castano tobacco litigation and the $1.25 Billion dollar attorneys' fee paid to the Castano lawyers; and,

5. Hugh Rodham is still alive and kicking and able to lobby his sister, should she be elected.

Perhaps 1 or more of the people at the debate on Nov. 2 should ask Caroline Fayard about her complete position and agenda on gun control.

Moving on to something else.

Last week on October 18, I posted on NOLA the link seen in my first comment above (Ricki Ticky is me from a mobile device). There was at least 1 question from another commenter about the Fayards turning their backs on Barrack Obama after Clinton lost the nomination in 2008, and a couple of replies by me.

Then, the link and all comments were removed. In addition, my account was banned by NOLA. I pressed NOLA for a week before someone finally responded to me and said they had received a submission to the moderator who then did what I just described.

Caroline Fayard: did you or anyone acting on your behalf or in your interest submit anything or contact NOLA about removing my link and comments? It's a simple "yes" or "no" question. If you have any integrity at all, you'll respond to my question.

Are you the kind that would go around trying to silence others and suppress the truth?

Kevin said...

I saw Caroline Fayard standing next to David Duke for almost an hour last night. Nothing in that statement is untrue.

Jason and many Zombie readers will remember the names of David Odom, Kirk Fisher, and the Crescent City Group formerly associated with the BP settlement claims office after Special Master Louis Freeh's investigation and report rocked the management of that operation.

Just a little update on their status.

They and others seem to have landed on their feet and are with an "emergency management" firm known as Plexos Group, LLC.

According to the public campaign finance records, these guys and other Plexos Group "consultants" (except Odom; he's the Pres and CEO)have donated over $31,000 (combined) to Caroline Fayard's campaign coffers. Even the school teacher/realtor wives of a couple of the consultants have given $2,300 donations. Maybe those women are receiving pay equal to male teachers/realtors and can afford to match their husbands' donations.

Kevin said...

It appears Caroline Fayard is not supporting CDC Judge Laurie White's candidacy for the appellate court. That surprises me because, before she was a judge - back in 2001-2003 when she was a defense attorney representing someone in connection with a big federal bust in New Orleans - it seemed to me that White was liked and respected by Calvin Fayard. She was meeting with Calvin at the office in Denham Springs, calling on the phone, and was even a guest at our Christmas party once or twice.

Politics is strange stuff.

Kevin said...

From Gambit:


"Caroline Fayard continued to run misleading attack ads falsely linking her main Democratic U.S. Senate opponent Foster Campbell to white supremacist David Duke. The ad takes a brief Campbell quote far out of context to claim he "sided with David Duke," the neo-Nazi and former Ku Klux Klan leader who is running as a Republican in the same race."

Business woman/attorney Caroline Fayard: How many African Americans do your law firms employ as:

a. attorneys
b. law clerks
c. paralegals
d. secretaries
e. other

Have you cancelled your membership in DeltaDeltaDelta?

Unknown said...

Fayard Fail...