Wednesday, September 20, 2006


my heart is heavy. there's just been so much loss. i just want it to end. i want it to get better.


Judy Thorne said...

(((( hugs ))))

It's going to get better.
Be kind to yourself.

Schroeder said...

We are the solution, as it always has been. Don't beat up on yourself.

As an aside, I think I possibly met Mark Krasnoff.

Was he not a son of Sandy Krasnoff?

Jason Brad Berry said...

he was. I'm not beating up on me. I'm just tired of this shit. I'm tired of the destruction.

I think Mark had so closely entwined himself with the fate of the city, that he felt it's fate had become his. I don't know though...only he knows why. I just don't want to see it happen again.

Anonymous said...

In the early Post Katrina days there were some high profile deaths. It is as hard to hear now as it was then. I have not been to that place but I have had glimpses of that darkness post storm. This is why we all strive to illuminate where we can.

Anonymous said...

it's going to get better. know why? because you're in the world, doing what you love and making a difference.

Kirsten Corby said...

Damballah, it's just a bad time. Try to hang on. I know what you mean. But it is a process, it is a continuum. Try to remember that. It is what I try to remember when I am feeling very low as a displaced person. This too shall pass.