Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Camera Contract Redux Chapter 4

Russell updates the news on the crime camera contract.

paragraphs of note:

But for the time being, the state contract is no longer an option. On Thursday, Denise Lea, the director of the state's purchasing office, sent a letter to all computer vendors with state contracts ordering them to stop selling surveillance cameras until further notice.

Lea said her directive was unrelated to a recent controversy over the city's recent use of the Dell contract for 53 crime cameras, a controversy that stems from links between the city's last two chief technology officers and the owner of the company that supplies the cameras to Dell. Lea's directive, moreover, will have no effect on the cameras the city has already purchased.

I have a hard time believing her directive was unrelated to the recent controversy.

Lea said in an e-mail that she wants to see whether items such as surveillance cameras are available from "companies with similar types of products on already established state contracts."

Lea said she wanted to meet with her information technology experts "to determine how the state will proceed with these type of items. . . . Once the state is satisfied that these are categorized in the correct area, Dell and other companies with similar solutions will be able to market their solutions."

Translation: Once we found out Veracent and Dell were jacking us on a product they don't even manufacture or normally sell...we figured we should look around to other competitive vendors of this type of equipment.

Good for Lea...I wish she would have laid it out without the spin, but her actions are good enough for me.

My only other issue with the purchasing is that I hope her "technology advisors" carefully examine the quality of the cameras and housings before making a purchase. I hope we get cameras that will last past Nagin's last term.

Also, I think Veracent, Netmethods, Intelliport, Logistix or any other incarnation of Imagine should be barred from bidding on the purchasing or the labor and maintenance of the cameras. Nagin should make that call if he is serious about transparency and corruption reform....Ha...not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that your “fight” against “Veracent, Netmethods, Intelliport, Logistix or any other incarnation of Imagine” always seems to be one sided? Have you made an attempt to contact these companies and get their side? It really seems that your blog is nothing but a vehicle for the company that they replaced.

Jason Brad Berry said...

They're reading it....they have every opportunity to comment and I have asked them very specific questions. So far all they've provided is whiny, redundant comments.

If you're trying to make an argument based on journalistic the keystrokes. This is a with it or don't read it.

bayoustjohndavid said...


You're being to easy on anonymous. I seem to remember the Picayune getting "no comments" from the companies and demands for FOIA requests from city hall. Yep:

Though The Times-Picayune has filed three public-records requests with City Hall for information about technology contracts, it took more than a month for city officials to produce a response.

The first request was filed more than a month ago, and the law requires a response within three days. On Friday, the Nagin administration said the records are being compiled and "as soon as (they) are available, we will contact you immediately."
"I'm not saying there is or there isn't any review taking place," Quiett said. "I'm saying that if something happens regarding this story, we will definitely let you know."

Jason Brad Berry said...


They're such children, I'm over it. They just piss and moan and don't provide any tangible responses to the issues...they just make juvenille comments like "are you in love with these guys?", "You don't post comments you don't like.", yada yada yada.

A bunch of horseshiite. I was hoping they would actually engage in the conversation and provide some answers...all they've done is whine like little girls.

What's funnier is now they're trolling the blog...and they're even bad at that.

Don't expect them to provide any substantial information...They're as stupid as they seem.

Anonymous said...

Can we refrain from the sexism of comments like "whine like little girls"? Men in my experience have far less tolerance for either pain or stress, and are far more given to whining. Emotionalism is not the given province of either gender, and considering your subject matter, you ought have pre-determined that. What was so wrong with "whine like little boys", hm?

Jason Brad Berry said...


Duly noted and I sincerely apologize. I was taunting: a typical, juvenile, male tactic. You cold busted me.


Anonymous said...

No problem, sweets. You're doing fine work, on the whole. A wee overwrought sometimes, but still I like the performance. Getting some of that lot to shake, rattle and roll in public is always hearty entertaiment.

I'd say I'd buy you a beer, but someone would prolly try to blow the joint up if it were planned in advance. ;)