Thursday, March 15, 2007

Still cowering

House Democrats drop effort to close Guantanamo


Anonymous said...

Hi I was told to come here and let you know I'm gathering letters from citizens against Entergy. Any help I can be with your efforts already in progress I'm more than willing to offer.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Yes definitely....I need people to interview on camera about their entergy bills. Anyone who has received outrageous bills...and there are many people. Perhaps we could coordinate efforts if you're interested. Please send me an email address and I will contact you on the matter. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

No need to post this comment because it has NOTHING to do with anything you blog about, but I would like to see if you would. Its the illegal immigration issue. It is really starting to effect our area. Stores and businesses are putting up signs in spanish, do you think this is right? What about the Bedford raid?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Everything has something to do with what I blog about. I really don't have an agenda, contrary to some Anon's opinions.

I'm actually on the liberal side on immigration in general...I don't think building a wall is a solution in today's global society, we need to work on helping Mexico and subsequently the entire Western Hemisphere ramp up into the global marketplace.

Look at India's development in the past few decades and the difference it's made in their country. If a country of 1.1 billion people of varied ethinicity and religions can ramp up, there's no reason why our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere can't. We need to enable that process as much as possible.

Per immagration vis-a-vis New Orleans...Nuevo Orleans...I think it's a positive development in a city struggling to rebuild it's labor force and it's population.

The city was struggling to maintain a qualified workforce even before the storm. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to work and make things better for yourself, your family and community...I'll roll out the red carpet.

My bigger concern is that the children of these immigrants get into schools and get a quality education. This city doesn't have a lot going for it right hope is that we would pump whatever resources we have into our public education system and invest our efforts in our children.

I think our priorities have been horribly misdirected, pre-k and post-k. We've dedicated enormous amounts of money and time to try and seduce "big business" to the city. It's time we took a look in the mirror and realize that just ain't ever gonna happen. Aside from our geogrpahic challenges....we don't have an educated workforce, we don't have a functional public school system, and we have a spiraling crime problem.

I personally believe that all these problems are systemic and the only way we can address them is by devoting our efforts to public education.

The last demographic statistic I saw from the TP said our Latin population had grown from about 2% pre-K to 12% post-K. I'd like to know how many children are part of that equation and are they getting an education.

I doubt I answered the question....but those are my thunks.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Anonymous said...

Immigration is fine, as long as its legal. And when they get here, they should learn English. Changing our signs to make life easier for them is a problem. If someone is here illegally, they should be kicked out. As for the fence, I truly believe that it is a waste. On the same note, we give these individuals that are here illegally the same rights as those that are here legally.
Arresting a border patrol agent and putting them in prison for using his foot to knock down and illegal alien that was captured and was getting ready to make a run is wrong. The government should be supporting its legal citizens and not those that are here illegally.
Allowing a known Mexican drug smuggler to sue the U.S. for $5 million because a boarder patrol agent shot him is the butt is simply wrong.
And have you seen the Mexican immigration laws? They are brutal, and then they have the nerve to tell us we should do more to help the Mexican citizens. Here are some of the key points:
1. No food stamps or programs to help out immigrants to Mexico
2. No special school programs to teach immigrants in any way.
3. When you are caught in Mexico illegally the second time you spend 40 years in a Mexican prison AND
then you get to go back to your country.
Is this fair?

Jason Brad Berry said...

No I don't think its equitable. But I also don't think multiple wrongs make a right. We have to set the standard regardless of Mexico or any other country's actions. I realize there are going to be egregious incidents, but if we aren't mindful of human rights issues, we will have lost the soul of this country.

Previous to the Bush administration, this country was the guiding light in human dignity and human rights. While we've done a lot of damage to that reputation in the past 6 years, I think its important that we remain vigilant in our pursuit of these is what defines us as a great nation even more than economic or military prowess.

I understand the need for an immigration policy, but I've never been a fan of's why I despise most religions.

What's interesting is that almost all of us are immigrants to this country. The Statue of Liberty has a plaque at the bottom of the statue with a poem by Emma Lazarus which states:

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

These are the principles we built this nation on. Why are they so threatening to us now? Why is a multi-lingual country so threatening? Do any of us really have a monolopy on the American Dream? Does one's race, creed, religion, or tenure predispose them to a greater piece of that dream?

I don't have the answers to that...and I know those are philosophical arguments which don't take into account the very real physical challenges illegal immigration produces.

I just can't help but think a large part of this debate is being driven by xenophobia and prejudice. I also think there are better answers than building walls.

So once again I don't think I directly answered the question....but probably because I don't really think I have answers....just ideals.