Sunday, April 08, 2007

AZ 411 protocol and obligatory existence justification

The call by the former Anon for former city hall employees to come forward with information is proving to be fruituful. I just want to say a few things about the blog and how I disseminate information for anyone who wants to source info here.

There are two ways you can send me info:

1. The comment section - If you send a comment I will screen it and post it publicly, unless you specifically state : DO NOT PUBLISH. So if you don't want the information published, make sure you put that header in the comment.

2. Email at - I do not under any circumstances reveal sources of information unless they request it. I would prefer NOT to know exact idenitites...only background information on how you know what you know. You can set up a gmail account under a pseudonym (preferably a voodoo deity :) ) and contact me that way...Just give me some validation as to how you know what you know.

I have said this before and I state it again...this blog is not the New York Times. While I do the best I can at disseminating valid information from bullshit....I do not officially validate sources. And guess what...I don't fucking have to....welcome to the evolution of the 4th Estate. If you want to give me a lecture on journalistic ethics, save your breath, I sat through too many of those classes in college...I'm very aware of ethical breaches but I'm just not interested. How the internet and the evolution of the 4th estate empowers democracy? I'm very interested in that conversation.

Also, I want to state that any public official who is being discussed on this site has every opportunity to respond to the information and allegations on this blog. I will post any retort they want to provide and I encourage them to do so.

This blog is first and foremost, just a blog. I will write about whatever the hell I want to, including voodoo and spiders...if it annoys you, don't read the blog. I will also continue to try and expose corruption within city hall and the misuse of public funds and use the blog as a sounding board for that purpose.

My motivation for the latter is quite simple...I'm sick of it....I'm sick of seeing people rape this city while it slowly sinks. I'm sick of watching idiots and crooks man the helm of this sinking ship...I don't know if we can stay afloat, but I know the only chance we have is to get the filchers and fools out of the pilot house.

I echo the anon's plea and continue to urge anyone who is aware of corruption at city hall or in other areas of the city to please impart your knowledge to me through the prescribed methods above. I tip my top hat to all who have participated thus far and urge others to come foward. It's our city....if we don't deal with our problems, no one else will.

I would dare say this city has one of the tightest and most informative blogging communities in the country. Much of this can be attributed to the storm and the prescient need for information and activism....but I also think it's reflective of the incredible talent pool this city nurtures. We are indeed a special place and we are all contributing to the conversation in different ways to make the city even better. I encourage everyone to participate and join the conversation.

Got that out of the way....Ok anons....hit me.


Anonymous said...

You know we love it when your write about spiders (or one truck riding spider in particular). Watching the evolution of the 4th estate rocks. It's a great time to be alive.

Anonymous said...

I truly support your convictions on this blog. Free speech has been given a vehicle through the blogging community and That IS definitely the beauty of this tool.

I truly hope the right people are reading this. I feel like I have been more informed by reading AZ than reading the paper at times. I've noticed in re-reading past posts that you've worked hard on keeping your facts straight and admitted to errors when you've made them. The reader can form their own opinion. It is an open forum and anyone can say whatever they want. So, go get em'.
Thanks for the protocol.Thanks for keeping them honest!

Jason Brad Berry said...

i love you erzulie. you turn me on.

Anonymous said...

I very much support what you are doing and always will. This site is one-of-a-kind and a true asset to the peoples of New Orleans. Just be careful about distributing information freely and anonymously lest you become a tool of the very idiots and crooks you seek to depose. Beware of "truthiness" as well.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Yeah...I've already run into that. I'm doing best to filter, but I will undoubtedly make mistakes.

thanks for kind words.

LAW70 said...

Brother Dambala,
You RULE!! I have commented before about your blogs and my thoughts do stay the same. I truly enjoy reading what you write and I love your no non-sense approach to what is going on in New Orleans. It is people like yourself who keep those who have been elected to serve in check (somebody needs to). My only regret is that I am not within the city limits to help confront these bad actors, but I recently did my fair share when I was in NO during a meeting in which one of your city officials was present. I will have to share the story later, but it was rather funny because the look on this person's face was priceless. I did not approach them in a rude or disrespectful way by no means. It was like we were having a conversation between friends or something. In the end they were trying to figure out what the HELL was going on. Keep doing what you are doing bro!!

Anonymous said...

Are you flirting with me?

Jason Brad Berry said...

as a matter of fact I am. you wanna get freakydeaky with a Snake God?

Anonymous said...

your offer is very out of the ordinary for you. do I sense sensitivity and vulnerability from the Great serpent?

I'm very intrigued. a dance in the water with a goddess is rare and would take much strength and stamina...are you up for the challenge?

I must say that I am addicted to your blog...very tempted by your words. You have a skill and talent that is very attractive.

Keep up the good might be able to hypnotize me before you know it!

Jason Brad Berry said...

- your offer is very out of the ordinary for you. do I sense sensitivity and vulnerability from the Great serpent?

yeah you right.

i need to rest my head. i'm weary.