Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh got me

Ok...I have an official correction here. Veracent (St. Pierre) is not in fact next to PRM on 20th floor as this curious Anon has pointed out:

Anonymous said...

Interesting read all. Not trying to get in the middle of anything, but I looked up the info on the Sec. of State website and the address for Veracent is different than what is posted here.

It appears to be Suite 2340, not 2060.


Charter/Organization ID: 36089846K


Type Entity: Limited Liability Company

Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing Add Certificate of Good Standing to Shopping Cart

Last Report Filed on 01/26/2007

Mailing Address: 1515 POYDRAS STREET, SUITE 2340, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

Domicile Address: 1515 POYDRAS STREET, SUITE 2340, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

File Date: 01/10/2006

Registered Agent (Appointed 1/10/2006): KENT LAMBERT, ESQ., 201 ST. CHARLES AVE., SUITE 3600, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70170


Yup...I got it wrong. Actually it's Intelliport (Scott Domke)...and not only is it on the same floor it's the same goddamn office. And if I'm not mistaken...Domke is still on city contract along with his brother who doesn't even live in the fucking city. He lives in Plano, Texas....same place Nagin has his new residence :

I'm such a silly rabbit...but ya know, it's so hard to keep up with all these LLC's....yeah, you really got me on that one.


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious, have you emailed the Mayor to get an official response from him on these stories over the past year? I know he's familiar with the blog. I'd be curious to know what he's got to say. Spin, spin, spin, I'm sure, but there is a large following here reading this daily and we wouldn't mind hearing him clear the air. You should email him Zombie.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they really showed you...and in so doing, further incriminated themselves.

Anon, there's no way Clarence would respond. He'd be foolish to do so.

However, it would be nice to have a polished packet sent to Jim Letten. Heh heh heh.

LAW70 said...

Brother Zombie, I ENCOURAGE you to email him!! He needs to address a great deal of things. Plano is in my neck of the woods and is considered ONE of the most expensive places to live. Sounds like someone is getting paid.

Anonymous said...

I love this quote from Ed Blakely in today's paper.

"Defiance is still in the air -- that people want to do things on their own," he said. "And they don't trust the system that they elected, or they didn't elect but was in place."

I wonder if Ed knows about the AZ? Blanco was a failure, but she's got more balls than Ray and more courage as a leader to understand when the will of the people is the will of the people, and to decide not to run. She understands we don't want her. Ray just doesn't care that we don't want him.

LAW70 said...

In response to the comment by anonymous #2, Nagin is in denial. Just how was it or is it that so many people voted him back into office? Did anyone request a re-count or even challenge the results of the election? I am a bit frustrated with his commments and finger pointing when in all reality, he has something up his sleeve. I believe that he has so many people watching his back that it is hard for him to really be exposed, but eventually it will happen. I wish that Nagin would do the right thing, but it appears that he does not know what right is anymore.

Jason Brad Berry said...


yeah they're all foolish to respond but I guess they just can't help themselves. Fine with me, I would never have backtracked on Intelliport had I not received that comment.

Someone commented "Why don't you sit down and talk to these guys and get their side of the story?" Right...we'll have tea and cookies and reminisce about the good ole days before people started paying attention.

Anonymous said...

look to Meffert's connection to "PRM REALTY" in Chicago. There is a lot more going on that crosses the line. Meffert is working with PRM thus the name. Its a long story and I hope this MFer get his due. Where is the FBI & US Attorney's office?