Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Robyn keeps us updated on Entergy's hijinks

From Robyn Flanery....General in the Entergy rebellion:

I just saw your blog post regarding Entergy and just had to share this one
with you; one of my clients purchased a condo and was told by Entergy that
he would have to pay for the prior tenant's usage before he could have the
put in his name. They actually told him AND me that! I called Shelley
Midura's office the morning Entergy pulled the meter and someone from her
contacted someone @ Entergy who had it put back and the meter is now in my
client's name without him paying for any prior usage. Entergy has gone over
edge and now resembles a fascist regime

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fuckinfedup said...

I don't believe that!! I just moved in an apartment and had the same situation. The previous tenant left with an outstanding bill. All Entery requied was proof that I was a new client at this address. The previous account was closed and a new one was opened in my name. It would be crazy for Entergy or anyone or anybusiness to expect someone to pay for something or a service they did not receive. I think you and your client must have misunderstood!!