Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Much to be thankful for

Today was indeed a banner day for New Orleans anti-corruption efforts:

Thomas gets 37 months after refusing to "rat"

Gusman admits overcharging city

Last week, Midura complained that Gusman wasn't providing enough information to the City Council about his proposed budget for 2008, filing one page with five line items adding up to $27 million. Other agencies provide much more extensive rationales for why they should receive city money, she said.

This Thanksgiving...I'm thankful for Shelley Midura.


Anonymous said...

Our Joan of Arc.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Some of the comments on the Gusman link are almost scary. I suppose one could argue that the fact that the money was apparently in OPP accounts, where it should have been were it an honest mistake, means you have to give Gusman the benefit of the doubt. Mind you, all I'm allowing is that somebody could legitimately make the argument for withholding judgment (and I certainly wouldn't make that argument), but some of the praise for Gusman is mind-boggling

Anonymous said...

Cheers! I'm thankful for Shelley too! She's our little whipper-snapper. Sure others are more cool calm and collected but Shelley's a pistol and she says what she thinks. We don't need everyone on the council to have the same personality. Shelley's cool. I'm thankful for Shelley and you Dambala, for your interesting reading. I'm thankful to have our family, friends,and sweet home New Orleans today. Happy T Day!

sl said...

Same here, thankful for Shelley, American Zombie, and the local blogosphere for standing for accountability and ethical government.

Not so thankful for the pilgrims though.

Frank Partisan said...

I really enjoy this blog. I found it exploring links.

Louisiana has gone through too much humiliation, to put up with corruption off the backs of Katrina survivors.

Good luck in struggle.

I've been hearing good things about the Malcolm Suber campaign.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Gusman managed to get channel 26 to do a report about the crime victims fund that the sheriff administers just as we coming under fire. It even showed him deliverng the check to some poor old lady who had to pay for a murdered relative's funeral. I think ABC26 got played.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think ABC26 got played.

wouldn't be the first time.

Rent Party said...

I have tagged you for a meme.