Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Tribute to my Orisha

I just happened to chance across this video which was pieced together to one my favorite songs ever. The song was written by an amazing musician, Tony McKay, who unfortunately passed away in 1997. "Dambala" was released with his band at the time, Exuma, who actually toured with the Nevilles. The song is so haunting....and beautiful. You can get the album on's pretty pricey, but worth every penny. Enjoy:



tulpa golem said...

Thanks, comrade. I love Exuma. Wouldn't have expected anyone to create a video for him, so never looked before.

Think you have a typo with that 1970 there, and betcha you slipped when typing 1997 too quickly.

Jason Brad Berry said...

You are correct sir...i was typing to quickly.


tulpa golem said...

i do the same thing all of the time.

First four records are fantastic, and that fifth one, with that unhinged Anglo-folk "Metastophaliese" ("Come to me!") and that berserk cover of Monkberry Moon Delight is hard not to love.


hey man.

you got l.p. to usb?

i'll give you my two early exuma albums if you do.

the catch is you gottta burn an extra copy of each for me.

they are exuma /universal
1982 cat island records


and exuma penny sausage

1979 inagua records


most of my memories of the old pre air conditioned tips are of the radiators.

some of the other acts i remember from those days were clifton cheneir and exzuma.

holler if you are interested.

thanks . rickngentilly