Wednesday, August 13, 2008

to be an adult

I think my life has been reduced to a simple reality....I get bitched at all day long by people I make money for, because I'm not making enough money for them.

Is that just me, or is it everyone's life?


Clay said...

I get something similar.

I'll go off to buy a big industrial valve that costs $150,000. They need the valve. They can't really bitch about the price of the valve. But, they can bitch about the engineering time it took to buy the valve. It's the one cost they think they can keep down by complaining. In reality, engineering costs are minuscule compared to the total costs and every dollar of engineering on the front end saves them $100 in the field.

Anonymous said...

try managing their expectations - if they're unrealistic, set 'em straight. makes it harder for them to keep bitching when they know what they're getting is what they should be getting (or better).