Monday, September 08, 2008

The problem with Ike

First and foremost....thanks to the daughter of Oshun for the sacrifice she made in asking her Orisha to pacify Oya and spare us from the full brunt of Gustav's wrath. And thanks to Oshun for accepting the offering and sparing our beloved city.


A subsequent post on Oshun is forthcoming.

So what about Ike? Well...we have a problem.

One of the attributes Dambala possesses is that he, above all the Orisha, understands the machinations of his fellow deities. This manifests itself in a kind of sixth sense in his disciples. Somehow, his children just seem to know what's going on and how things work...even if you think voodoo is a bunch of bunk, if you have this talent, you will understand what I'm talking about.

Dambala's followers are thereby blessed and burdened with the responsibility of "counseling" all the other deities' followers. While Dambala doesn't have dominion over the other Yoruba Gods, he can clearly see their motives...all save one...Eshu Allegbara, aka. Papa Legba. Why? Eshu is the one can understand his motives...not even Dambala.

So back to Ike. Don't ask me why I know this but I believe the only way to influence Ike is to influence Legba. I think Ike is going to be a real motherfucker...all we can do is hope it takes a path away from Nawlins. Papa Legba has the power to redirect Ike, but a New Orleans child of Legba must make an offering(sacrifice) to him at the crossroads in order to influence him. He may or may not accept that offering. The more heartfelt and meaningful the sacrifice, the more likely he is to accept it.

My problem here is that I don't know a Papa Legba follower in New Orleans.

If you're out there and you are reading this...I implore you to go down to the crossroads and get down on your knees.


Anonymous said...

today is Mama Oshun's feast day

pray to Caridad for Cuba

and to Our Lady of Charity for us

let's do our own Legba ceremonies then

Jason Brad Berry said...

I would but I can't....I have a very violent history with Eshu. The only thing he accepts from me is blood and I'm not willing to do that anymore.

Anonymous said...

another one (two actually) bites the dust...

lehman files for chapter 11 and merill lynch sells itself:

from the NY Times: “Merrill was a kind of bedrock institution whose stability and longevity was taken for granted and was reassuring to people"