Monday, March 30, 2009

Aloha....Oy Vey!

Greg Meffert took Mayor Nagin and his family on a trip to Hawaii in 2004

For reference...AZ post on this from September,27, 2006:

"Ho Ho Ho....Na`u e uku", said Santa St. Pierre

That was actually one of my favorite posts....I got to learn a little bit of a new language, I got to photoshop an Elvis movie poster, and I met(virtually) KamaAina for the first time...KA can read that whole post without a skeleton key, incidentally.

Anyway...back to point:

The Times-Picayune intervened in that case last week, and on Monday morning, Meffert's attorney, Michael Hill, mounted a vigorous campaign to keep under wraps a deposition of his client that lasted three days.

3 day deposition along with a vigorous bitchslap by the FED....I bet Muppet would love to take another Hawaii vacation right about now.

We also now know that Muppet has two attorneys? Hill for the civil suit and Smith for......what?

Jones noted that if his April 22 deposition of Nagin goes ahead as scheduled, he expects the city to argue that his deposition be sealed.

He called that issue the "800-pound gorilla in the room, " adding that Meffert's attorneys have provided "no iota" as to "what it is they're trying to protect."

God...can you imagine being Nagin's attorney in that deposition? Trying to get Nagin to keep his mouth shut or give the logical answer? I bet you couldn't drive a nail up that poor lawyer's sphincter with a sledgehammer.

I mean listen to the audio of him being confronted with this:


That's great....he just pulled David White into it...nice job, Ray....thanks for that. So David White was in Maui at the same time? Who paid for his trip...not that I know...I'm just curious.

Also, I love the line..."I remember seeing him(Meffert)". Yeah...I would imagine you did, Ray, considering you were in the same fucking house. I guess this house could have been so big that you couldn't see an entire family, other than your own, running around in it....but you did remember seeing him once...ok. So at least your memory serves you well enough to verify that you did, in fact, see Muppet while you were there.

Oh, but then your memory failed you once again when it came to who actually paid for the trip. I took a trip like that to Disney World one time when I was four...I had a great time and still have some pictures of it. I'm assuming my dad paid for that trip, but I really can't remember. This trip must have been like that, huh? Your bills and shit were just all taken care of...just like when you were a kid. It's magic...just like the Magic Kingdom!

If the mayor's trip was paid for by Meffert, that would not have violated state ethics rules, according to Gray Sexton, a Baton Rouge lawyer who was the state's ethics administrator for 40 years.

Sexton said a public servant may accept a gift from an employee provided he doesn't demand the gift. Ethics laws forbid accepting trips and lodging from prohibited sources, "and that was always construed as third-party vendors, contractors and third-party wannabe vendors and contractors." there a statute of limitations on kickbacks and racketeering?

Once again....if anyone with the power to do so is listening...subpoena Imagine's credit card records.


Anonymous said...

Separated at birth?

Muppet vs Brian Peppers

KamaAina said...

Much of the Hawaiian in the '06 post is not stuff we would use in ordinary conversation. If you were listening closely to the crowds in town for the '08 Sugar Bowl game, our "Pidgin" dialect (officially "Hawai'i Creole English") mixes in words from Japanese (shibai is a good one for Nagin & Co.), Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, etc., as well as 'olelo Hawai'i. (Before the game, that is; afterward, what they were saying isn't printable in any language!)

How I ended up here: The most esteemed Wet Bank saw that post. He had run across me in "subterranean Dem-land", which is how I ended up in the midst of NOLA's blogosphere to begin with; KamaAina (kama'aina: local person, as opposed to malihini: visitor or foreigner) is my username at DU. Mr. Wet actually thought that I was "Dambala", 'cause he couldn't figure out who else would be using Hawaiian words in a NOLA blog post!

And yet again, the inherent Pacific Rim bias of the current administration becomes evident (think Blakely spending 95 percent of his time in Australia). Why, then, do they not see fit to include me in it? A nice, round $100,000 a year ought to do it...

Anonymous said...

5 year SOL but tax evasion is unlimited SOL. The US Attorneys office better get off their ass before yet another SOL goes south on them.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Much of the Hawaiian in the '06 post is not stuff we would use in ordinary conversation.

I'm sure it's not, but you have to give me props for the effort.

Anonymous said...

While we're in the ol' archives, how about this one from 9.26.09?

>Anonymous 1 said...

Dambala, you are right on the money!!! My sources tell me that, during the time that Kimberly Butler was being ousted from the Nagin administration (around March, 2002), the Meffert "Dream Team" discovered that all the email traffic being sent via their Blackberries was being saved in the Microsoft Exchange Server in the city's server room. They also determined that, if you send your messages to the recipient's Blackberry PIN instead of their email address, then the message bypasses the Exchange server. Armed with this information, they could no longer be traced via an email history and could circumvent the "Public Record" problem.

Which would totally explain why they went in at exactly that time period and performed a "system upgrade" and "accidentally" erased the email archive. I wonder....I just wonder.....if some IT employee was sly enough to copy any of those email exchanges before they erased them. ...<

Sound familiar?

pronola said...

Guess I now understand why Imagine Software made two contributions in 2006 to Nagin's campaign. (Dr. Hatfield made one as well.)