Thursday, March 19, 2009

Balls as big as church bells....

Nagin has.

New Orleans cites 'unlawful' activity in suspending former tech chief; Jones plans appeal

Even after we (bloggers mostly) have spelled out how Anthony Jones was systematically being set up as the fall guy for the crime camera scandal....Nagin goes ahead and drops the axe on him.

The letter says Jones' "objectionable transgressions include but are not limited to ... unlawful receipt of a gratuity from Ciber," a city contractor that paid for Jones to attend and speak at a conference in Colorado; "authorizing the preparation and subsequent payment of a false invoice" to contractor LSI Research Inc.; and "intentionally making material changes to cost and performance specifiations" in LSI's crime camera installation bid and Ciber's network services contract.

That's really funny, Ray. How about that fat ass Christmas trip you and Meffert took to Maui on Imagine's dime? Or how about the fat ass trip you took to the 06 Chicago Playoff game on HSOA's corporate jet...then went back and paid 400 bucks for after it became public knowledge?

And as far as "intentionally making material changes to cost and performance specifications"....why did he have to make those changes?

If Jones takes the whole wrap on the crime will be a travesty. I hope the AG's office read the IG's crime camera report and threw the city's report out the window.


Anonymous said...

wait. I thought ciber was the city of new orleans.

Anonymous said...

The company New Orleans uses to manage their emails:

Message Labs
Address: 512 Seventh Avenue 6th floor
City: New York
State Prov: NY
Postal Code: 10018
Country: US

One of the functions of Message Labs is; “Email archiving.” as described below:

"Email archiving is a stand-alone IT application that works with an email server to help manage an organization’s email messages. It captures and preserves all email traffic flowing into and out of the email server so it can be accessed quickly at a later date from a centrally managed location. When the need arises to search historical email for internal investigations or for a court-ordered legal discovery, organizations can search thousands of email records in seconds using search tools embedded in the email archiving system.

There are email archiving applications to support email messaging systems, and they can be installed in-house or can perform as a hosted service. In addition to email and attachments, some email archiving applications also archive all aspects of a mailbox including public folders, offline PST files, calendars, contacts, notes, and associated metadata and context. Email archiving can also enable applications for end-user search, data protection, disaster recovery, eDiscovery, and compliance supervision.

Email archiving applications capture email content on magnetic disk storage in one of two methods. One method is to capture email directly from the email application itself. (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise, Sendmail, Imail). The alternative method captures email content during transport via an agent installed at network gateway.

There are multiple reasons why organizations implement email archiving:

To enable email users who send and receive hundreds of email messages each day to have unlimited mailbox capacity and fingertip access to years’ worth of email

To offload data from the production email server for increased performance and storage efficiency while preserving access to end users

To meet litigation, regulatory, and/or business records retention requirements by enabling compliance and legal officers to easily search email stored in the archive."

Anonymous said...

Yes. Why exactly is CIBER dba "City of New Orleans"?

Anonymous said...

Balls, indeed. I just came across this on a blog, and was interested to see the names (Moliere, Valdes, Barre, Nagin), and also the involvement of ankle bracelets/garbage contracts/political contributions...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked out the Louisiana Justice Institute blog?

Certainly a different take, but it show a lot. Posted by one Saia Smith. Reminds one of Tionne Simon.

Anyone ever notice how many of these folks are on

I have one word for you: metedata.

Anonymous said...

The Tionne Simon mystery. As reported by WDSU, Tionne made a public records request nearly the same as Washington's just as the City Council was "discovering" that its emails had been absconded with. If you look at page 23 of this filing, Tionne actually provided an address and office number in the Place St. Charles building and an *email address*????

Anonymous said...

This is fun. You know who else is hooked up with Louisiana Justice Institute? One Jacques Morial:

Anonymous said...


Saia's blogging pals include both Tracie Washington and Jacques Morial:

Anonymous said...

Ok, kids, bear with me here: you know what else is at 201 Sr. Charles Ave.??? LIFE, the Morial organization.

LA Independent Federation of Electors, Inc.

201 St. Charles Ave, Ste. 2503
New Orleans, LA 70170

Jacques Morial, Register.

Is this case closed now? Or is this just coincidental?