Sunday, March 29, 2009


Newspapers last bastion against political corruption, says creator of The Wire

i worry about this. I worry about it a whole lot.


Clancy DuBos said...

So do we.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think Mr. DuBos is wrong here. The internet and blogs for all their glory and worth are not the match of a several hundred year old tradition and the profession of reporting. Yes, I realize the concept of journalistic ethics has almost disappeared as a practical concept, but the idea is still there and newspapers are somehow not only a bastion of free, affordable, daily news and independent reporting, but also literacy. There is something incredibly ponderable and pensive about laying an actual, physical newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee and reading over it. It's as interesting fro what is literally reported as the idea of the juxtaposition of multiple stories, current news ("actualities" as they say in France), and seeing also what is *not* reported as much as what is. We have had a problem in this country that Democrats and Republicans alike don't seem to have a problem with, mega-corporate cross-ownership of multiple news outlets, horizontally and vertically. Some bloggers do a great job, it's true (this blog included) but we will lose something very important if we lose newspapers and I don't think the powers that be would mind so much.

Jason Brad Berry said...

uhhh......all he said was that he was worried too. I think you misunderstood his sentiment. I can tell you that Mr. DuBos is just as concerned as you are about the threatening demise of dailies.