Thursday, July 09, 2009

Oy Vey

As if the taboo subject of Israeli foreign policy wasn't already absurd enough...Netanyahu has now gone off the deep end and is attempting to attack Rahm Emanuel below the yamika.

For once and all I wish this country could establish the dialogue that our foreign policy toward Israel is distinctly separate from any religion. If Israel wants to view themselves as a theocracy, or theocratic democracy, or whatever semantic construct you want to call be it. But from an American perspective....we don't do that...period. We must view our foriegn policy issues as matters of state...not culture or religion.

These bullshit games have to stop on Israel's part. Isreal's state interests or not inherently aligned with America's state country's interests are inherently aligned with anothers. If we've reached the point where Israel's Prime Minister is calling Jews within Obama's cabinet anti-semitic....I'm not sure how much more insane it can get.


Leigh C. said...

Netanyahu is such a right-wing schmuck, anyhow. The fact that he's back in power unfortunately speaks volumes about how bad things are in Israel politically these days.

Anonymous said...

Ashe, I think that would be like expecting the moderate Muslims to take care of their extremists or the Catholics to identify that maybe its not such a good idea to have priests take a vow of celibacy in the 21st century, or the Mormons to stop and ask themselves if they really believe a guy found a magic pair of glasses, my point is that thud, thud, thud you hear is your head beating against an immovable object.

In that part of the world, religion trumps politics. Not acknowledging that to determine how to change things is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

I just find it funny that the administration for Change is getting blasted for having anti-semitic COS. Come on, the irony, you gotta admit...that's funny.

Generally I have found that people without a really strong faith in a certain religion, have a hard time viewing those opinions and perceptions of those people with.

So go get some Jesus - hehehe!

Jason Brad Berry said...

- In that part of the world, religion trumps politics.

I wasn't so much commenting on what happens in that part of the world as I was commenting on our policy here....I hate when that mentality creeps into our world or for that matter when we get hit over the head with it.

As Bill Maher stated..."they keep fighting over their desert Gods..." . Fine...they can do whatever they want...but their Gods should have no interest in our foreign policy.

I anxiously await the death of the internal combustion engine and then our interests in the region should be virtually will go back to just being a desert with nothing to offer and we can leave the whole region to their own devices.

That's ideological poppy-cock on my part...I realize...but from an atheist's view it makes a lot of sense.