Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Still going.....

HSOA continues to tap the city coffers:

City begins $496,000 in Bourbon Street sidewalk repairs


The word is that contract comes out to $144/ per square foot.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm no engineer, but the article linked to by this post indicated:

Contract cost: $496,000
Appx sq. Ydg: 1145

Now, since there's 9 sq ft in a sq yd, I am assuming appx 1145 x 9, or 10305 sq ft.

$496,000 / 10305 sq ft = $48.13 a sq ft.

For the record, I still think that's ludicrously expensive.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Hey I'm a zombie...I can't do math. Thanks for the clarification, sir...or madame....or whateva.

Anonymous said...

Noticed article states Home Solutions of America as the contractor. Is that Fradella, Sewell, or Moron Bennett's company ? How long will the city be at the mercy of these vultures ?

Anonymous said...
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Jason Brad Berry said... we're on the boundaries of crying fire in the theater, here.

If the previous comment is out of bounds....I'll take a cease and desist and bring it down. If stays.

Otherwise...I"m not responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

i believe this work is included in the contract awarded to HSOA over a year ago. HSOA changed their name to Picke a while back so i dont think this is a new contract. considering the mess at the french market i am suprised this contact was not rebid. who is running HSOA these days now that fradella is gone? the mayors office? i see HSOA owes sewell a few million, i wonder if he is doing this work?

Anonymous said...$FILE/Benetech%20P082602229.pdf

Anonymous said...

the benetech website claims that benetech is doing the french market rehab. i thought this was an HSOA job?

perhaps benetech has taken over the sidewalk job as well.

Anonymous said...

this michael mcgrath was the chairman of HSOA in 2008. he was one of nagins redacted meetings.

Anonymous said...

Micheal McGrath used to be President of HSOA; he also used to be the head of a Mortgage company in Florida that got into serious trouble with the Feds. See the Tampa Bay, FLA business papers. If you google this, it will come up.

It is like the S&L deal of the 1980's all over again. These jokers may have played a role in turning off the lights of the whole freakin' economy.

Look into the now defunct Florida HSOA subsidiary Fireline. It appears these people ripped off subcontractors post-K.

William Aaraon Bennett of Benetech is part of the HSOA family. He is a partner in the HSOA subsidiary Associated Contractors.

As Sewell was the guy who reported Fradella to the SEC, I don't understand what is going on if he is still working with them.

Have they paid all the law firms they owed money to, I wonder?

Can't the City of New Orleans find some firm that fixes sidewalks that isn't trailing ceditors after it like TP on a shoe?