Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here we go...

I think we've found our Johnson Controls v 2.0:

I am going to start a pool as to which Nagin chrony gets it. Bennett? White? Or Both? I think David White is 2:1 out of the gate....my money is on him.

You know what's gonna happen? I'm gonna peer into the looking glass here....

This whole deal is gonna get stinky...it's going to piss off the rest of the state. The state is then going to create a bond and/or allow for the Shaw group (or someone similar, if there is someone similar to Shaw) to build another, bigger, better, more modern, airport outside of Baton Rouge. (By and/or I mean public, public/private, or completely private).

You have to understand that there is a very large contigency north of I-10 who fucking hates New Orleans with a passion and actually wishes we would have been completely wiped out in Katrina. Yeah...I'm not kidding...they exist. I've met them face to face....and yes, racism is a factor.

This contingency has been pushing for Baton Rouge International since even before Katrina. If Louis Armstong is privatized....that's going to provide the catalyst the anti-Nawlins contingency needs to push the BR International plan through the state legislature.

The original ploy was somewhat of a Trojan in that there was a plan to build a massive cargo aiport in B.R....but you know that would quickly turn into a something else. That's how it always works....remember how the original Harrah's deal prohibited them from opening a restaurant or a hotel? Not to hate on Harrah's...I actually think that was a silly demand on the city's part from the begginning and I would hate to think about where our city would be without Harrah's right now. But I'm just using that scenario as an example of how deals change.

Privatizing L.A.I. may be the worst thing that could happen to N.O. I don't know for sure...I'm just speculating. This move will have a massive, political ripple effect through the state. Would love to hear your opines.


Anonymous said...

Whoo boy! I have the airport scene from Goodfellas in my head, the slow motion laughter of the mobsters.

jeffrey said...

Wow I was just hollerin at Oyster about the Harrah's fight regarding a completely different topic.

Anyway, yeah "selling that sucker" is a really really bad idea. A "sucker's" deal, even.

mominem said...

IF Midway can't find Investors I doubt New Orleans can. In any event I seriously doubt this will be completed before Nagin Leaves office.

I guess we know why Sean Hunter quit.

Anonymous said...

By the by, did you read the excellent post about the OIG over at We Could Be Famous?

It was a good read.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah I read it. Interesting perspective but on the whole I disagree. The office has not become marginalized, or discredited. There is an attempt to do that but I don't believe that has happened. And more importantly, I refuse to acknowledge any racial motivation on the part of the OIG...this is an attempt to discredit the office on order to maintain the status quo..that's it pure and simple.


"this is an attempt to discredit the office on order to maintain the status quo..that's it pure and simple."

my heart and brain sez the same.

my heart and brain will probably break if this pans out


i can only take so many punches in the gut.

nice to see the comeback of the spider in the pickup story.

that was the one that got me hooked on your blog.

Jason Brad Berry said...

i'm hopin' theres egg in my face.