Thursday, October 08, 2009

Have meme, will travel

Michael Dell, 1997:

- Still, Jones tried to paint Dell as a cutthroat businessman who would break his own internal Dell "philosophies" of honesty and integrity to undercut the plaintiffs' business plans. Jones asked Dell whether he remembered a quote in a 1997 magazine article in which he reportedly compared Dell to a great white shark because "it's the biggest, baddest, meanest beast in the ocean, and it gobbles up its competitors."

Greg Meffert, 2006:

“A shark can’t breathe unless it’s moving. There’s a part of me like that. I’m going to have to be doing something or I’ll go nuts,” he said. everyone watching the Discovery Channel?

Michael Dell said the meeting was only about the use of technology in education, though a Dell Inc. memo indicated that Michael Dell was briefed before the meeting about the company's sale of video camera "housing units" to New Orleans.

"I don't even know what a housing unit is. Is that a house?" Michael Dell said in his deposition, which took place months ago at Dell Inc.'s Texas headquarters.

"Dude...just buy a Dell and quit asking so many questions...heh...USB that a like a place in Europe where ships dock?....heh...heh..."


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the radio ads where Dell is pitching it to people that if they have bad credit and yet can afford thirty dollars a week, they can build credit by getting a Dell computer through a special kind of payment plan, for which they are most likely pre-approved?

Un-fucking-believable, this whole culture. Some days, I want the Amish to adopt me.

That comment in which Mr. Dell pretends not to know what a housing is reveals him as kind of a douche.

Your post is great.

Anonymous said...

This man didnt turn 1k bucks into billions being stupid. He is a very very smart guy and he knows what a housing refers to.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Price has resigned?

Anonymous said...

Ok, this threat guy is getting on my nerves.

If you are out of a job because of this blog, you must have been working as a criminal.