Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you starting to see the pattern?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "This explains so much...":

By the way...

...Riley was also (yesterday or a couple days ago?) on 990 AM with Irvin Mayfield (I think it was his show) amd coincidentally enough Mayfield - asking Riley for a one or two word summation of each name - went down a long list of every local pol (the whoel council, Nagin, all the candidates for mayor) and ended with a great crescendo with who else but....

...yes, Stacy Head.

Riley was asked to as with the rest come up with a quick summary of what came to his mind with that name.

---His response? "David Duke."---

I'm surprised that didn't get more coverage, but then I wonder who was really listening and who really heard about it.

Personally, I think this stuff is directed towards regaining District B for the for-profit minister crowd more than anything else, and that is and was where Nagin, Boyd and Washington were going with their email ploy long ago (though with maybe some beneficial side aims that may or may not have panned out over time).

Game on.


vern said...

so sad that riley stooped this low. i guess he said all this before yesteday when wdsu asked if he saw the email that called him the "n-word".

Anonymous said...

She might have to push this one. After listening to the clip it was Riley who brought up the issue. He didn't just agree he had heard about it. If I were her I would keep demending to see the email until it gets produced. If it isn't produced I would not stop until an apology was issued.

This is pure politics, and if it is starting now, it will only get worse leading up to the election.

Fasten your seat belts...

whirlygurl said...

With Nagin talking about why "the brutha" got out of the race and now Riley talking about the boogie man shadow govt who is really behind everything, I think they are just trying to energize the black base to vote black.

There is a deep distrust in the black community that the white folk are somehow still really in charge. I call it the boogey man theory. In every focus group, it comes up. I think they are trying to manipulate the vote for Henry.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

whirlygurl, while it may be frustrating that there continues to be "deep distrust in the black community that the white folk are somehow still really in charge," let's keep in mind that the white folks have done PLENTY to prove that distrust is well-founded.

I don't know how many white folks know about things like the Tuskeegee Experiments, but I guarantee you every African American does:

For those that aren't already famaliar with this event, the short version is that the US Government funded a study to take a bunch of poor, uneducated black sharecroppers and document what happened to them with untreated syphillis. This experiment was allowed to continue even after it was well-known that syphillis could be cured with penicillin...they just kept letting these poor black men die, infect their wives, give birth to children with congenital syphillis, etc.

When was this "expriment" shut down? 1940's? 1950's, maybe?

How 'bout: 1972.

Distrust? I'd say they African Americans have a right to be paranoid about the government.

Kevin Allman said...

Where is the proof that Riley called Stacy Head "David Duke"?

It's as inflammatory a charge as the other claim that she called him a racial slur, and deserves the same level of scrutiny before being accepted as fact.

Anonymous said...

Mitch Landrieu has enough credibility to be supported by all but the racist African-Americans in this city. The racists obviously aren't very happy about that. Disappointing though that Mayfield is continuing to hurt his rep by playing along with this stuff.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- It's as inflammatory a charge as the other claim that she called him a racial slur, and deserves the same level of scrutiny before being accepted as fact.

Yes it does.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Another word for you...
Auto-Sodomy: (n) Politics, the act of Forking one's self in da'ass...butt good!

Ya'know the only difference between the movie "Deliverance" and this scene?

As usual thanks for the great blogging.

jeffrey said...

WGSO does archive audio of these programs for podcast if anyone is interested in fact-checking this. I know I would like to. But the most recent Mayfield show is Jan 6. I don't know if that qualifies as "yesterday or a couple days ago"

Anonymous said...

Ok, Jeffrey, pretty sure it was a couple days ago which was Sunday, 1/10. It was cold, it was the morning, I was going to turn off the water at a friend's property (so I was in the car). It was cold, yet I stayed in the car because I hadn't heard Head's name and wanted to hear what Riley had to say on her name. Like I said they left it to last.

I thought about it and I wouldn't want anyone thinking this fine blog to be a rumor mill, so I'm following up on it now after reading a couple comments.

As for the TP or any larger news outlet personally really I don't think [should fact checking bear it out] that such a story should even be reported by them.

I could criticize the TP/Gambit based on the idea that what they know but don't report on a number of other issues generally could fill the Superdome. However, really, Riley's comment [were you to deem it true, and I agree this lousey comment box does not remotely come close to professional verification (it's not, I was just trying to share an actual observation with the good people who write and speak on the issues important to this city)] does not deserve further broadcast in print or otherwise. The group ["machine"? word?] that has derived this strategy of racial accusations for the purposes of voter mobilization should not have the satisfaction of having it carried further. I like Stacy Head [while acknowledging that she has made missteps and shown personal weaknesses, my impression is that is what they have been and nothing more], respect her work on the council, and think she is and has been good for the city really, think of who was in that seat before and what a change we've had in terms of government accountability), so I really wouldn't want any kind of political, racially charged implications to her election to come out of this.

If it's a dead dog just let it lie there. He said it on a day and time and a station that probably had a miniscule listening audience especially among the black electorate (990 am, is that fair?) and I only mention that in light of the other comments coming on wbok. I have no idea who Riley thought was listening.

But it was said and that is the truth and the truth must be said and shouldn't ever be killed.

Kevin Allman said...

Jeffrey, I listened to the most recent Mayfield podcast when I first read this story. It was all music, live from his club.

I know he hosts the occasional talk show on the station, but I was unable to find an archived version of that.

Until I hear it, I can't believe he said it.

Anonymous said...

the mayfield music show is different from his talk show. the talk show is once a week and rebroadcast on sunday morning. i just emailed jeff crouere to see if he could confirm the riley/duke business.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a person who is not only viciously attacked but is stalked both at her home, in her car, telephone, and at work like Stacy Head is. She has every right to be a bitch to those who come up out of no where. Its a proven fact that her Cell Phone has been bugged, her emails were constantly read unbeknownst to her, photographers take pictures and then photo shop the images to try to extort her, etc. etc. etc.

Is she abrasive--when you are under attack like this woman and the attacks occur because you ask questions about contracts or other deals you have to be abrasive.

The racial story is a total farse but the media has to pick up on it and automatically tells her to prove herself innocent. Its completely clear that this was orchestrated by Malcolm Suber and Cory Watson because Watson isn't going to win. He needs something to rally the troops. Riley is the epitome of what's wrong with the NOPD. He is as corrupt at the murderers on the streets who kill each other over a street corner.

M Styborski said...

Looking at the wrong show Kevin. It would have been "Life and Times of Irvin Mayfield" which airs Sun, 9a & 7p and Thurs, 3p. WGSO apparently does not archive this show.

I heard audio of this interview on WDSU (I think) but was in another room and by the time I got to the tube it was over. Might check with them about it.

From what I remember, Riley seemed reluctant to mention the e-mail and Mayfield was the one who brought it up and pressed him for comment.

Anonymous said...

Ok, on the Riley/Head/Duke issue:

I heard it.

It was the morning.

It was Sat. or Sun.

It could have been 990 am OR WBOK (I have them next to each other on my dial). I don't know it was Mayfield, I just presumed it was him because I thought it was 990 am and it was an unfamiliar (to me) host's voice (but a black one).

I my original post I said "I think" and 'couple days ago' to indicate I wasn't sure. Never thought it would turn into a credibility or 'proof' question.

I respect this blog and the writer of it too much to write anything false. Anyone wants to say they can't find proof? Fine. Frankly, like I said I would rather it not be rebroadcast anyway because really I'm not sure that would be good for the city or Head. But it's not false.

Ricardo said...

It is ironic that these nutjob comments will actually multiply the listenership of these radio stations.

Anonymous said...

First, to those of you that say the "black community" has a right to be paranoid due to history, I'd say all New Orleanians (and surrounding citizens since Orleans affects all nearby areas) have a right to be paranoid about city leadership. Next, yep, I see a pattern: Two patterns actually. #1 pattern: Riley and Nagin deflecting attention away from their lack of performance and/or graft that will eventually be found out (God bless Jim Letten et al); #2 The attempt to put another Gill-Pratt-Jefferson-type back into that council seat. I lived in Mid-City with Gill-Pratt as Council rep. To get any response, any action, anything, we had to go to the city-wide reps. Her office actually admitted that they had no files on things like block-party applications/noise permits and more - only after numerous calls/faxes/letters. Basically they/she ignored Mid-City. Yep I see a pattern: Kow-towing to the lowest common denominator and deflect blame so the largess continues falling into the "preferred" pockets - those defined by a different "shadow government" than Riley refers to.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth:

Riley did appear in Mayfield's "class" schedule, week 2.

Also tee'd up are other Nagin pals, such as:

Sean Cummings

Sid Trashanova Torres

Steve Rehage

Bill Rouselle