Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A good day to go fishing

Cold weather and all...Tuesday is just made to go fishing. Here's the cast:

Anonymous said...

From NOLA.com
Looks like an opportunity to sell lots of cigaretts and video poker machines.
"Whitmer, Broussard, Hubbard and Lagniappe Industries and about 10 others are facing RICO charges in a civil suit in federal court in New Orleans. The case was started back in July and lays of the schemes, companies and campaign committees that have been used to steal public monies. The use of zoning laws, land values, and in kind services appear to be the method of hiding transactions and laundering money.

The case is Edwards v St. John Parish"
"Here are some of the allegations against Whitmer in a federal RICO suit:

"From on or about January 1999, Defendant Tim Whitmer did solicit and accept bribes from vendors and contractors of the Parish of Jefferson in concert with, and aided and abetted by, Defendants Aaron Broussard, William J. Hubbard, Lagniappe Industries, Dawn Whitmer, and Hubbard Enterprises, Inc., in conjunction with CT Investments, LLC, CWC Gaming, LLC, DHP, LLC, and the Tim Coulon Campaign Committee...to clandestinely receive things of value in exchange for illegal use of his office for the benefit of private citizens and their businesses."


Anonymous said...

Coulon and Coulon Jr. still work for Adams & Reese? You know the same law firm that Marc Morial worked at after he left the Mayor's office?

The Superdome Commission is probably the next shoe to drop in this on-going scandal. Ask yourself why he dropped off this commission so quickly--is it because he has the insurance contract for it? Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Guys this is the Georges connection:

Jack Capella is the brother of Tom Cappella, the JP Council co-president.

There are like 1-3 JP Council aides invvolved in the whole Lagniappe thing, starting with Hinyub (no secrets here, all, this is all on the web, for instance Council aide Richard Hinyub was/is the attorney for Lagniappe and JP Attorney Wilkinson is in the same law firm).

Jack Cappella was on the Superdome Commission too (or maybe represented the Superdome, or both, or something like that), but had a big falling out and lawsuit followed.

The Cappellas have tons of inside connection to Broussard / Coulon / Wilkinson etc.

Jack Cappella works for...... georges Enterprises.



Anonymous said...

Zombie, I think we need to band together to help you figure out if there are journalism fellowships or visiting profesorships, or even arts grants (political blog as performance art?) that would allow you to make a living doing this.

Fundsforwriters is a website to check out, and so are the various things offered by Writer's Market and mediabistro.

You might also make some money from this by going on the speaker's circut to talk about your experiences.

All that to say, dude, you are awesome.

Please don't give this up.

I enjoyed reading this post.

Jason Brad Berry said...

dude lets band...I would love that. If anyone wants to help in that arena I will gladly accept it.

I've thought about trying to sell ads, but not sure I could make enough doing that to justify the time. Of course I'm not justifying the time at all right now. If I could sell 5 banner ads at $200/month, then I'm cooking with grease, but I doubt I could pull that off.

Leigh C. said...

What the...

First the murder rate is up in JP and now this. *sarcasm* Glad I'm in New Orleans.

Anon is right...you should look inot those resources to keep it up. You are indeed one of the forces for transparency in this crazy area.

Anonymous said...

Jack Capella is also one of the owners of Jefferson Parish's illustrious "speeding camera" businesses that attaches to school buses. John Mamaloudes is the hierarchy here. he put the Capella's in power.

Don't Couhig & Capella have a very close relationship as well?

Anonymous said...




John Mamoulides is the Executive Vice President & Corporate Attorney (he is the former Jeff Parish District Attorney and more importantly Capella is his protege.

ONGO Live is the company......but who would have helped ONGO Live get this contract....................................................................................................................................

Jack Capella & John Young voted for this "emgency resolution"

Anonymous said...

Lawson's comments were echoed by lawyer Jack Capella, interim successor to powerful District Attorney John Mamoulides in 1996, and Jefferson Parish prosecutor Walter Amstutz, who have both been rumored as potential candidates for the position in the past. Both men said they are only concerned with praying for Lee's speedy recovery and could not discuss the possibility of a campaign. Capella and Amstutz were both mentioned as candidates in 1995, but neither announced a formal bid.

Capella took over after Mamoulides retired, but lost the district attorney race in the 1996 election to Paul Connick Jr.



July 19, 2002


The Picayune catches up with WWL-TV, revealing names of 25 individuals and 6 companies subpoenaed for documents relating to cash payments or other gifts or services exchanged between investigated bail bondsmen and public officials. Listed are former Jefferson district attorneys John Mamoulides and Jack Capella and N.O. City Councilman Eddie Sapir, who says, "I have no idea why my name would be on any list relating to Marcotte," the investigated bailbondsman. Lawyers say prosecutors are casting and purposefully wide net. Lawyer Pat Fanning: "In baby prosecutor school, they teach you to write these broad attachments."

Anonymous said...


Superdome Commission officially hit by the FEDS. Looks like Adams & Reese will be next followed by..............oh uhhhhh.

One thing you can write in ink at this juncture is that Dane Cialino knows when he has a guilty guy and his resignation yesterday unofficially confirms that Whitmer is working with the Feds now to reduce his prison sentence along with Hubbard. I suspect we shall see some additional names pop up that will shock even their most ardent supporters in the near future.

Anonymous said...


Jack Capella used to work for the Hornets Organization. Can anyone confirm if he is still associated with the Hornets?

Jason Brad Berry said...

No his tenure with the Hornets ended in 2005.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't justifying the time right now, then who cares if the ads don't bring in the full amount you want?

Every little bit helps.

If there is a bakery that sells cream pies, getting an ad from them would be a great nod to the venerable tradition of pieing bad politicans in the face, without actually doing that (potentially actionable) deed.

Are there any Zombie related businesses that might like to advertize with you?

Zombies, New Orleans, political commentary/journalism/satire/rumours and gossip, golf (there have to be golf companies that would love to reach a Zombie demographic), the bands and musicians and venues you have mentioned...there are plenty of potential advertizers.

The golf community is looking for a new role model to replace Tiger Woods...why not you? You deserve an endorsement deal and some new clubs.

OK, that idea is a little stupid, but you must golf somewhere locally, and maybe they advertize.

Or maybe they'd let you have a fundraising golf tournament.

A minigolf fundraiser might be more accessible to your non-golfing fans.

Everyone in New Orleans seems to read you.

So who might advertize? Fleur de Tease? The Saints? The bar where you now watch the Saints? The TV channels, radio shows, and newspapers you regularly refer to?

I've never tried to earn money from a blog, so this might be a stupid set of ideas, but if it motivates Sparky or others to jump in with workable suggestions, hurray.

...Heh, you mention Naomi Klein enough. See if her publisher would advertize with you.

Hell, see if you could get a book deal.

The man who invented the term "carpetblogger" deserves a book deal.

Avi Lewis of Al Jazeerah English is Naomi Klein's husband. Maybe his show needs a New Orleans corespondant.

Democracy Now! seems to like Jordan from Left Turn magazine, but they might want to deepen their bench. I don't know if they would pay you, but you could give it a shot.

At the other end of the spectrum, you sure stick it to the local Democrats. Perhaps the National Review would pay you for some articles.

You can do this.

Another idea is to have a benefit concert or tasting menu fundraiser.

That was the thought I had in reserve for if you had posted that you needed a legal defense fund, but others have better networks than I do for pulling those things together.

It's Mardi Gras season. Know anyone with a gallery or warehouse space big enough to host some sort swishy dress up party that benefits the blog?

You can do this.

Xavier said...

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vern50 said...

Hey I am all for a donation. If we all put up $20, he would get something that would make some of this worth this time.

I paid $20 for an entree recently. I certainly enjoy this blog more than I enjoyed that meal.

Besides, the number of times I return to this blog is more fulfilling and it certainly more entertaining than lots of things I know.

So, how about it readers? Are you in for $20? At least we can tide him over until the great suggestions about potential revenue sources pay some of the bills.

Let's keep our good thing going!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

Vern and CC...thank you for the donations...it is greatly appreciated.

dress up games said...

great investigation! i'm following it closely :)

Anonymous said...

A colleague visiting the Yenni building on 1/5/10 indicated that the FBI is currently going from office to office collecting documents from all the council people and various other offices.

Unknown said...

Speaking of Adams and Reese don't forget this nugget that happened awhile back. RICO suit involving Jefferson, Jordan, Edwards. Etc. all our favorites basically.
Click here it's a good read.