Sunday, July 25, 2010

The First Step to Recovery... admitting you have problem.

Louisiana Democrats: We Deserve Better

I don't even know where to start on this one.  I'm just happy to see it recognized on the Daily Kingfish.  Not that I think the DK is part of democratic LA's problem, it's probably the best thing's just that somebody needs to recognize the democratic party in this is state is woefully deficient of talent, resources, and more importantly....imagination.  I think Melancon's campaign is a testament to that reality.

Whoever is running the's time to fire the writers. 

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Anonymous said...

So the Democrats, yeah...what a bummer.

If the way you do your day job (or your 'side jobs') involves participating in Naginesque ripoffs of everyone, volunteering as a Scout leader or getting into urban farming is more "John Edwards in Haiti" than it is admirable.

I'd almost rather have a straight up mother fucker than one of these "I do good things for Africa" Bono wannabes, the kind with the kids they neglect and the spouses they betray, all in the name of their primary good cause, their own ego gratification.

These sad little fuckers need to get the memo that they are wearing the black hats in this shoot 'em up, right alongside their Republican bedfellows.

If you think your face belongs on a mug, chances are you are a douchebag.