Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chasing Ghosts

..I feel really bad for these guys.  They don't know they're skimming cloud shadows, and the discoloration on the ocean floor:

Right below Slidell
Between Cat Island and Ship Island

Jeez...they're wasting their time skimming cloud patterns....just chasing ghosts.  And all that black stuff on the boom must be fish poop.  Yeah....funny how the mind just makes shit up.

Damn I wish someone could let them know there really isn't any oil in the Gulf.

We have official "image analysts" on AZ that have confirmed it.  You guys rock!


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

"We're ready to believe you."
"Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!"

Unknown said...

also someone should let them know you can't skim shit with boom trailing behind the vessel.

this is a picture of the vessel removing the boom from off of cat island, which is what most vessels are doing because GASP there is no oil impacting the islands.

its actually pathetic the life you live and the crap you believe just to push your beliefs so people read this pathetic blog.

Also there is hundreds of vessels in the gulf right now just because you see them out there doesn't mean there is oil.

Jason Brad Berry said...

and that stuff isn't impacting Cat Island at all. That isn't oil is it?

You are so desperate to prove yourself right you won't even acknowledge the shit in front of your face. You first claimed that if there was oil near Cat Island they would be skimming for it or booming it...I showed you pictures of that...and you replied by saying they are removing the boom because there is nothing there. That boom is was black in case you can't fucking see.

What exactly are the large brown clouds hovering off Cat and Ship in my pictures? Is that fish shit?

You call me pathetic?

Everything is a conspiracy to you? NBC, Satellite photos, pictures you are suggesting are photoshopped.....and you call me pathetic?

Unknown said...

wait the oil is brown now??? i thought on the boom it was black? but in your other posts you had it as yellow and even white....

there is alot of shit in the gulf of mexico dude not every color change you see is oil.

there are people trained in looking at oil flying these spots everyday and they can tell the difference between seaweed, sediment, red tide, algae, and even jellyfish - all which look like they could be oil from the air. You are so obsessed with your "sky is falling approach" that had you taken these same flights before the spill you would be seeing the exact same. There is no denying the fact that oil from the spill is in the gulf and impacted the beach, but the worse is over. Most of the oil has degraded and is no longer a threat to most of the gulf coast. Its likely tarballs will continue to wash ashore but your whole underwater oil plume is gonna destroy us all approach just isn't justified and no photos you have shown give you any merit to your claims.

as far as your satellite anomaly on the 28th you fail to mention that sky truth themselves described it as a thin sheen and that the day before and after the image look nothing like what is shown on the 28th (which is why NOAA and those working on the spill extents basically threw it out as a false report) I linked you an image of a Side-looking airborne radar flying your flight path that day and what it observed.

The well is plugged and the oil has stopped looks like you just need to find something new to blog about.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I have plenty to blog about, you just wondered over here from your LSU forum and seem to be obssessed with ignoring the pictures in front of your face.

Until you tell me whatthe brown swirling clouds are in rue pictures off Cat and Ship, you're ignoring the elephant in the room. What is it?

As for the brown and black question, yes it is both colors. We saw stained boom all through the gulf and the orange boom almost always turned black when it was stained with oil.

Have you flown over the Gulf, below 1000 feet and looke at the effects of the spill? I'm just curious because you seem to know so much about the visual effects of the spill, it seems you have all the answers. I have over thirty people who have flown the same areas you see in those pix who saw the same things I did, including an NBC news crew.

You claimed no one was skimming or booming, I showed you proof they were, then you claimed they were just getting rid of useless boom. Then I point out that it's stained and you're not happy with the color of the stains.

Do you see a pattern with yourself man? It's called denial.

All the while you have failed to explain what the massive brown clouds hovering off the Island's shore are.

What are they fuckwad?

Unknown said...

im not a marine biologist I cant tell you what every anomaly in the gulf of mexico is however I can tell you what the fuck oil looks like and I know for a fact that is not oil. If I had to guess at what your brown swirling clouds are I would say a sediment deposit.

i fully expect boom that has been sitting out there for 2 months to have black spots on it. My car has been outside for 2 weeks and has black shit on it (oh yea thats right I forgot you think the oil is in the air as well). The fact is the boom was not being used in actve skimming, it was used boom being brought to a decon site.

I have been on the spill since day 16 and I have seen aerial coverage everyday since May 29th. I have taken several flights over the Gulf and in the beginning I was under the impression that there isn't enough skimmers in the world to clean this mess up. However after seeing more and more flights and the change in the oil as time progressed I realized that nature was tearing apart the spill and beach impact was becoming less and less. Once I stopped listening to media propaganda and started looking at the facts I realized alot of people are just hyping this shit up like the media enjoys so much

I have received every oil observation made by official observers in the past 2.5 months. I have spoken with NOAA analyst everyday. If you are so concerned with your findings why havent you called the bp hotline and reported them along with lat and longs so the hundreds of vessels out there looking for something to do could investigate them.

I was linked here from tigerdroppings and couldn't sit by while you spread this bullshit. Go read the thread everyone in there (most locals from la who work offshore all had a good laugh at your claims)

I have stared at RadarSat and NESDIS anomalies everyday for the past 3 months. Since the well has been plugged, less and less show up. Maybe you should post what skytruth is gonna show today for their report. I have just looked through the 0915 Radarsat1 and its the cleanest it has ever been. But according to you these Satellite's have the ability to pick up subsurface oil since thats what you saw on the 28th.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I didn't report because it was already known that there was oil in the area, which had been confirmed by multiple fisherman.

I am not referencing sattruth's current images BECAUSE THEY DONT COINCIDE WITH THE DAY I TOOK THOSE PICTURES. In case you didn't read the fucking post, which you obviously didn't because you were too frantic to prove your point, I clearly stated in the post that I couldn't stress enough how dramatic the change was in the amount of oil we saw from Friday to the follwing Monday. Did you notice that? No, you didn't because you're too preoccupied trying to be right.

As for tiger droppings, I get linked from that site all the time and I could care less what the fools on an LSU masterbation site think or say. You're using them to validate your denial? Nice.

Sediment deposit? Floating sediment deposits? I just want to get your official explanation right. And once again, you should really call the boats skimming and booming and tell they are skimming sediment deposits.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Mike, you sound fairly well connected to the operations of this oil spill response.
How so? Are you under contract or subcontract with the US Gov in in any way with this oil spill response?
I ask because if you are under contract or subcontract with the US Gov in any capacity you may very well be in violation of the Federal Code 1030 governing fraud, false statements and other activities with computers.
Perhaps you are using your home computer. Not a problem as that is also covered if the information you are presenting here was gained through your contract with the Feds.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. In this case the Facts cost money and are owned by either BP, the US Gov or individual citizens like Zombie who exercise their 1st Amendment right to go out and witness any event of public importance and report the details to the public.
This isn't my blog, but if I had your email address I would have reported it to the Justice dept yesterday.
You certainly have 1st Amendment right too, but not with proprietary information which seems to be what you are doing here.
It is Not OK or legal for you to have access to information not available to the general public and use it to Astroturf public blogs.
Jus'sayin, Bra, come off of who you work for on this spill response or go back in the closet, bathroom or where ever the fuck you masturbate.

You're either a goddamn idiot who has never tried that phone number yourself or someone who has inside access.

Anonymous said...

Editilla, thanks for pointing out that crazy Mike, if he is part of the government, might be committing fraud.

If he is part of the government, I hope he cools that hot head of his and stops posting stuff he should not.

It was helpful to have the name of that rule. The point goes to you.

But would you really send his e-mail along to the Justice Department just because he is a wackadoo?

I've been reading this blog for long enough to remember a lot of drama about unmasking bloggers and suing every one for expressing opinions.

Thanks for telling Mike to take a long walk off a short pier, but could we maybe not threaten to sue and report one another? It has a chilling effect.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Thanks Anon.
Rest easy as I'm not threatening to sue or report anyone.
This isn't my blog. I'm just making genteel suggestions ahem.
I've been reading this blog a long time too, and have no problem with strong Opinions.
But I'm not getting paid to misrepresent myself in order to influence jury selections in the upcoming lawsuits as well as future legislation regarding Oil Crime. This isn't just about Public Relations, but as much or more about influencing Congressional constituencies.

These people aren't just here at American Zombie, but all across the country.
They are deployed.
And with their training we find them here:
"Coast Guard Media Liaison Works for BP's PR Agency"
To save you time, here is the initial "comment" from the subject of that article

Astroturfing is real and it is legal unless you are using US Government computers or are under contract with the Feds.

Strong Opinion is one thing, but this is another dog all together. And this dog won't hunt.