Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Resource Request

Are any of you AZ peeps on Guidestar?  If so can you contact me?  And if you want to help a Zombie out, you can donate at the right, I need to raise $350 to join for a month to use the service.  Gracias.

HANG ON:  I just found out the Loyola library has access to Guidestar.  Thanks AL.  But if you want to donate don't let that stop you :).


Anonymous said...


How does the guidestar product help with your work on this project.

Ms M said...

If you're looking for grants/funding for a non-profit, also try the Foundation Center: http://foundationcenter.org/

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the Public Belt RR situation?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I haven't even glanced at the PBRR stories...I've been too busy with Oil Spill and this non-profit stuff. There's only one of me, plus no sense in me divesting time in something Zurik and TP have already covered.