Saturday, September 18, 2010

No more cryptics, just a heartfelt plea the spirit of research...

I need a Viking lawyer to contact me and tell me how to capture a public record which seems to disintegrate into dust every time I try to grasp it.  If you're out there, I'm waving my white flag and I need your help.  And don't volunteer unless you're a bad'll be wasting your time and mine.

If you're there...please...I need your help.  Thanks.

To my friend and critic...I am not idle.  I am resolute and in motion.  My velocity just doesn't match your imagination.

Still I love.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Zombie, have you thought of asking a good journalist like Greg Palast for advice about how to get that record? is the site, I think, and he or Jeremy Scahill are magicians at getting records.

Best of luck and all thanks and praise to you for the way you are using your time on this Earth. Your wife and children are blessed to have a righteous man to cherish and support them.

Anonymous said...

i am truly not even a light weight so take this suggestion with that in mind.

i have had some success doing a ctl A, ctl C, than taking the entire document into both powerpoint as a new file and into adobe. i just paste them.

other things are:

Anonymous said...

another option from lifehacker. you can paste text:

Anonymous said...

Paste a link to any web-hosted file into webapp Burnbit, and it'll turn the file into a torrent you can download and share with other people—particularly handy for quickly sharing large files with multiple people.


Anonymous said...

Still you love? Is that the wine or the weed talking? No object reference, for shame.

Jason Brad Berry said...

that's my heart sobriety or altered states of consciousness.

Was there a point you wanted to make?

Anonymous said...

Watched last anon's video link and was totally bummed and upset.

It is perfect that the jounalist is a joe college white guy with a four dollar shovel from Toys R Us. He looks like he could be a young Republican, and they still give him shit.

I love how he keeps repeating the "So no sandcastles?" line and waving that kiddie shovel around as the law enforcement goys mess with him. It makes them look insane.

frog said...

It looks like the Park Service is working for BP, like the cops are in Grand Isle.

Anonymous said...

The T-P had a story about shake ups at the French Market Corp. Your old flame, Benetech LLC, was mentioned at the bottom of the article.

I wonder what is going on behind the scenes.