Monday, October 04, 2010


Actually this time the PSA stands for Personal Service Announcement as well as Public.

This Wednesday, Oct 6th, at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Center, I will be on a panel with Kevin Allman of the Gambit and Campbell Robertson of the NYT discussing media and democracy in an ongoing weekly forum which runs until Dec. 15th.   Adrostros will also be on a panel, I think the following week.

Find out more about it on the LEH Website.

Hope to see you there.


adrastos said...

My panel is 2 weeks later. I'll try and come and see you and Kevin. Try insulting Christina Hendricks of Mad Men to get a rise out of Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Adrastos mentioned it.

Do you think you guys will talk about the recent laws about creating backdoors for more wiretapping online?

I know a woman who was involved in the Solidarity Movement in Poland. She told me how the low-tech Samizat newspapers worked.

The use of cassette tapes in people's movements in nomadic and desert parts of Africa where oral cultures predominate was the subject of an interesting Al Jazeera documentary.

The way blogs have changed news here is really cool, but it also seems easier to monitor or to cut off the computer access than it was so shut down the flow of information using those other modes of communication.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Will there be any way to follow this online? I haven't seen where yet.

Per Anon 4:18,
I have been following "content control/redirect software" since China debuted it to devastating effect during the Beijing Olympics, which coincided with the 1st and 2nd Democracy Crackdown in Burma 8-8-88/8-8-08
I was editing at the Burma News Ladder (which is what inspired my own Ladder) at the time, and it got thick and hard to google Anything with the words China, Olympics, Burma, Pro-Democracy Protests etc. The query would just spin a while, and sometimes until it timed out.
I eventually had to back off due to viral assaults too.
Here's a good wiki links page about this.

Why shut a site down when it would be far easier to control the portals through which the info flows? This is very real and fairly well developed technology.

And btw, the Word Thingy Formentor for this comment is: "consad"