Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Little Sample

I know I've been quiet lately, but don't misconstrue my absence with apathy.  I've actually been diligently digging for dem bones.

One of the items I've dug up is the master list for the LSED grants...totaling....you ready?  A whopping $14,779,644.38 over a four year period.  This list is somewhat of a Rosetta Stone for N.O. politicians special interests and non-profit loops.  I've spent a lot of time with it and every single time I pick it up I find something new.  For those of you in the know and inclined to sleuth as pastime, you will have a field day tracking down these organizations and the money loops which lead back to the politicians who pushed the money their way.

But before we bite into that porterhouse, let's concentrate on the task at hand....Mr. Richmond.  This is a list of the grants CR requested from the LSED (Click on the pic to blow it up):

Notice the disproportionate amount of cash he sent to our favorite 501.c3?  There is also another non-profit on the list whose name is very close to New Orleans Community Enhancement, New Orleans Community Enrichment....I could find no trace of this organization on the Sec. of State database.

Keep in mind that the bulk of the money for NOCE was coming from the Governor's Office of Urban Affairs and Development and those records are sealed.

As for the Rolex, Richmond has reportedly produced a receipt from Jack Sutton jewelers for the watch from 2008 and given it to the Times Picayune.

That's pretty funny considering Jack Sutton told me, and a local television reporter, that he has an invoice for the watch purchase from 2002.  How many Rolex's does Cedric have?


Anonymous said...

What part does Luther Speight. I know him to be an accountant but what is his role? I still do not understand!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

Luther Speight was the "go to" CPA for nearly all of the LSED grants. He was the air traffic controller. I'm betting he is interesting cat to research.

Anonymous said...

WTF is Office of Urban Affairs? And why are these files sealed?

LETS GET BIG JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope he gets it befor the election

lil'oya said...

lawless wasn't there no more, dawg.

i haven't heard about just about none of them.

Jason Brad Berry said...

That's because this was from 2000 to 2004, and many of these non-profits were total bullshit. This is an autopsy not a surgery.

For every one of these non-profits which faded into the aether after they ran through their cash, another one pops up to take it's place.

Anonymous said...

Over 60 K for his Fraternity scholarship fund?? WTF???

Who oversees this sh&t? Does every lege have a similar list? Where is Cao on all of this?? Where is the TP or Lee Zurik?? Why am I asking so many questions??

Thanks, just signed me upset!

Anonymous said...

Cedric Richmond is being bullied into office by thugs and criminals. This is not hyperbole.

Richmond is a crook, a scoundrel, and a sleaze. Oh yeah, and he beats up women on the side.

Don't let the D fool you. They're trying to bully this man into office. Dont' let it happen. He will EMBARRASS our City, just like his idol Jeff.

The president and the Mayor are about to be embarrassed by this guy, and they don't even know it.

Zombie, the media will let this guy win because they are scared of his convict handlers and his powerful backers.

Don't let it happen. The only ones that will suffer will be the people of New Orleans. Only Cedric and his criminal friends (and that's not hyperbole) will benefit.

Don't vote for the crook, it's important.

Anonymous said...

Unfounded accusations does not a sleuth make. To the contrary, it is more akin to the propaganda arm of a communist nation.

So according to you, Mr. Richmond used a non-profit’s credit card to purchase a watch. And, some guy named “Sutton” is in possession of said receipt. Why are you not showing this receipt? Either you have not seen it, which would mean it is irresponsible to report on it, or you have seen it and it does not prove what you want it to prove (i.e. the receipt shows that said watch was not purchased with the non-profit’s credit card). So, which is it Mr. Ashe?

I have no connection to Richmond, but I do enjoy reading local news. When I see you coverage, which lacks factual support for your allegations, I wonder why you have such hate in your heart for this guy. If you cannot provide a factual basis for your claims, then do not give me some BS about stealing money from children.

Since this blog appears to be a place for factually unsupported accusations, allow me… Dambla Ashe is in reality Juan Lafonta. Grow up Juan – you lost.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Hate in my heart? not so much. Disgust? yeah, very much.

You got me Sherlock....I'm really Juan La Fonta. You should sleuth professionally.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh man...I didn't even notice you called me a communist...awesome. I was just called a teabagger a month ago, so now I'm a hate filled, communist, teabagging, Juan La Fonta.

Always good to know who you are. Thanks for the psyche profile, Skippy.

Anonymous said...

Well, given that the teabaggers seem to be on disability, social assisitance, medicare, and every other evil socialist program offered in the USA, I think you could make an arguement that they might be commies.

Richmond sucks. It is a pity that Juan LaFonta wasn't a compelling enough guy to win.

If you are running as the clean candidate, it helps if you aren't supported by Aaron Bennett's friends. When your vocal supporters also seem to dig Steve Scaliese, it confuses people.

This motherlode you've hit is awesome, Dambala.

Stir that pot, man. Let's see what is lurking down the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess Luther won't be at our next party. He is probably thinking it is a good time to start choir practice (in case he has to sing before the federal grand jury).

Sometimes, being the go to guy is not good.

And, I love the descriptions of how scared the sheriff, mayor, and others are. A diamond in .... funny.

To the poster who thinks you are Juan Lafonta, you are absolutely clueless. All you have to do is a little research. Dambala has credibility. What about you????

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Ashe, you're cited in this excellent piece from Dakinicat:

'Course we got you hangin'5X5 on d'Ladder.


Anonymous said...

Well, given that the teabaggers seem to be on disability, social assisitance, medicare, and every other evil socialist program offered in the USA, I think you could make an arguement that they might be commies.

What a crock of sheyat this is, obviously you don't know squat about the Tea Party. It's the Taxed Enuf Already Party, or did you not catch that part ? The majority of folks on those evil vote-buying socialist gov't programs are mainly Democrat Constituents.

J.Philip, Mt. Olive, Louisi-yana

Anonymous said...

speaking of Lafonta, he was pulled the same scam as Richmond -- he bought a home in the marigny next to a friend of mine (500 block of Franklin). yet, Lafonta has never spent a day there...its just an address he can use for some sort of residency requirement.

Anonymous said...

This is the old geek who emailed you a couple days ago.

can't wait for the master list to be published.

along with the other stuff I sent you I have been checking out another on that teaser list from LSED.

LOUISIANA ENGINEERING ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM (LEAP), kinda sounds like the Xavier University LEAP program, but it is not as far as I can tell.

Xavier has no publicly available data (that I can find yet) about this grant or the officers listed in the SOS database. It is also not on Charity Navigator or Taxexemptworld (taxexemptworld does show the Xavier Univ. NFP)

The SOS database shows that actually belongs to LOUISIANA ENGINEERING ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM FOR MINORITIES, INC with addresses of 840 Poydras and 2000 LAKESHORE DRIVE.


The company was revoked in 1997 and reinstated in 2006. which makes the grant date years between 2000 and 2004 suspicious.

The 2000 Lakeshore drive address is the chemistry building at UNO.

The 840 poydras address is an office building across the street from Le Pavillion hotel and of the businesses that use that address I found an very interesting one, but not LEAP.

The interesting one is called Innovated Technical Services (notice the spelling and verb tense) which does not seem to have a business license with the SOS or a website.

However whomever owns it has listed it with several of the local search directortes like The Yellow Pages and NewOrleansArchitects.com, but the directory categories for it are all over the map including data and forensic recovery.

Just another interesting from the list of Ceddy's grants you are trying to autopsy.

Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about an entity called Airware LLC?

Airware LLC
Aviation and Management Consultants

Their website has a quote from Eclesiastes on it.

They are run by somebody named Terry Williams.

I checked him out in the Secretary of State Database, and I was interested to note that back in the mid-1990's, he was attached to something called the Metro Business League, and Luther Speight was listed as the officer and treasurer of that.

Airware LLC's site says they did management work and work on software solutions for:

The French Market Corportation
City of New Orleans Division of Housing and Neighbourhood Development
post-Katrina waste removal
New Orleans Aviation board
Sewerage and Water board

and LSED grants

You should check out what they say they did with regard to these LSED grants.

They said they developed the program guidelines and regulations, they did site visits, they reviewed the documents to make sure each applicant had submitted the right stuff, the were part of choosing who got the grants, and more.

Anonymous said...

More from the Secretary of State,
Terry Williams and Luther Speight were also involved in Metro Investments I, LLC together.

Louisiana Business Innovation Center had both Luther Speight and Mark H. Morial on the record.

I don't know if there is any significance to those interconnections, but I'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people with the last name Williams in Louisiana. It is right up there with Guidry. Not all the people with the same last name are related.

I wonder if Terry Williams of Airware LLC is related to Sen. Mary Landrieu's executive assistant, Alicia Williams?

Mark Morial has had some kind things to say about the Senator's hiring choices in the past. I wonder if there is any kind of connection.

Does anybody know?

Anonymous said...

Who is the Chief Custodian of Public Records in the City of New Orleans, and does anybody know their e-mail address?

If you had to send some sort of Freedom of Information Act request, who would you send it to?