Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Big Crash, Part 3: A Tangled Web

Hey folks, Part 3 of the Big Crash is out:

The Big Crash, Part 3:  A Tangled Web 

This is by far the most important installment in the series.  It examines the conflict between the Clerk of Court and the judges of Civil District Court to retain money and control of the Courts' systems in the wake of Act 621.  It takes a while to digest, I know it's not easy to get through but I can't stress how important it is to understand what is going on with the judges of Civil District Court and the Clerk of Court.  So if you can carve about 30 minutes out of your day, please sit down and absorb A Tangled Web.

Thanks and any commentary on HB or AZ is welcome....but if it's venom unleash it here on AZ....let's keep the nastiness where it belongs :) . 


Anonymous said...

Dambala - is there no info on the Spears contract with the clerk of court???

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'm aware of it as I am a Sherman Copelin contract. I'm aware of much more, but those issues are not germane to the story I was telling. I believe the story I told is 100x more serious than crony contracts and it was complicated enough without mixing in these other issues with the clerk.

I hear what you're saying and it's spot on but it's a story for another day.

Jason Brad Berry said...

ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing all of the research and sharing. This is a great, albeit scary, article!

Anonymous said...


I had a smarter thing to say, but in truth, I'm neither wise enough nor am I smart enough to understand the human heart and why we do things like this to the places we love and to people just like us.

Thanks for telling the story.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Thanks for reading it, people. I know it wasn't easy to get through and I apologize but it was heavy shit and I'm working on blogger budget.

While it seems to be catching little to no traction, file it away in your quick reference folder...I have a feeling many of the issues in the story are going to re-emerge on center stage soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I was imagining regional variations of this story playing out across the USA, with the specifics changed to local conditions, but the pattern of active and passive evildoing being similar.

That was a scary fucking vision.