Friday, May 06, 2011

Left Behind Party...and not my Left Behind

As many of you may already know, a group of evangelical folks believe that May 21, 2011 will be the long awaited Christian rapture where "true believers" will be magically swept up to heaven like the transporter effect on Star Trek.  Supposedly the righteous will even rise out of the grave...Zombies!!!

NOSHA will be throwing a soiree on the 21st at Napoleon's Itch at 734 Bourbon to celebrate the long awaited rapture.  Costumes are encouraged...I would suggest the zombie motif, of course.  I'm going to try and make it but I'm also considering scavenging for abandon automobiles as well.  I figure there will be a monster truck or an RV available in St. Tammany or Slidell.   

Hope to see you there, unless of course you win the Jesus lottery and get swept away...send a postcard and let me know what heaven is like...I'll keep you posted about hell on earth in return. 


Leigh C. said...

Hey, they're at least letting us celebrate our wedding anniversary the day before. ;-)

vincemacpaul said...

Well Hell, the river is gonna wipe us out before then. Look at the bright side though. We have till Oct. 21 to party before the earth explodes in a great ball of fire. Might piss off the other religions a bit ya think? I'm with Z on this one.....the pickings should be ripe. So if any of you wealthy ministers, reverends or popes out there would have pity on this heathen, please donate your limos and mansions to me care of this site (you can keep your porn).
I can here the excuses now on Oct warming and it's all Bush's fault.

vincemacpaul said...

Should be "hear", not "here". Please edit for me before the spelling Nazi tear me a new ass please Jason. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Eleven days to the Rapture!

Are you nervous? Or are you all like, 'Woo Hoo!'