Monday, May 07, 2012

Attack of the Assholes part II

As if this news wasn't bad enough, I wake up this morning and find this in my mailbox sent by a former dissed employee from the first Gulf Coast Summit.

Wimpy, Jr. actually has the balls to launch, yet another, bullshit Gulf Coast Restoration Summit.  Of course he didn't have chutzpah to show his face in New Orleans....he's holding this one in Destin.  The travelling snake oil salesman of our era, Bill Loiry left numerous employees and vendors high and dry after the first Gulf Coast Restoration Summit held in at the Hilton Riverside here in N.O. 

As if that isn't bad enough, Ed Minyard has released a myopic account of his adventures during Katrina.  I haven't read the book yet but it appears Ed makes great effort to bash Nagin, Meffert, St. Pierre and crew while exalting his own efforts to heroic status.  Never mind he ripped us off for more than St. Pierre who is now sitting in a jail cell for 17 1/2 years while Minyard enjoys his B&B in the Marigny paid for by our tax dollars.

BTW, all of these subjects and more will addressed in the documentary I'm working on.  I requested an interview with Mr. Minyard but he denied me.  I suppose he just wants to deliver his side of the story and avoid any scrutiny...not a very brave path for a self-ascribed hero.


jeffrey said...

I didn't know any of the background apart from what Russell gave us in that column but I still thought Minyard's stuff looked self-serving.

Anonymous said...

Someone should print out the description of NPD and go door-to-door handing it out during election season, as a non-partisan public service to voters.

It might save a lot of time, trouble, and public money.

As for the appointed "consultants", "advisors", and other splendidly titled freeloading house guests of The People, I'm not sure what to do.

The entire political system would be in better shape if we switched up the ratio of lawyers to wait staff in the system.

I'd like to see some people with sore feet- waitresses, janitors, nurses, and others who don't have time to waste on bullshit and who know that it is their responsibility to clean up the mess no matter who made it- calling the shots for a while.