Wednesday, May 09, 2012

They will hear us now, or in the next election

SB 573, the Ho Zone bill, is headed for committee tomorrow.  The "stakeholders" of the bill and select politicos have been negotiating the bill for the past week.  That's pretty amazing how you can "negotiate" with only one side sitting at the table.

As Jeffrey pointed out in the post "The sound of 100 hands not clapping", not a single legislator, city council member, rep. from the mayor's office, or tourism official bothered to show up at a town hall meeting held the other night by VCPORA, French Quarter Citizens, and the Fauborg Marigny Improvement Association to discuss the proposed zone.  Although Councilperson Palmer did send a representative from her office.

I videotaped the entire are the key speakers from the neighborhood associations:


The "stakeholders" and more importantly...elected officials....obviously don't care about the concerns of the neighborhoods affected by the Ho Zone.  They may not care now but they will eventually...when they come up for re-election.

If you can make it to Baton Rouge tomorrow to protest the bill to the committee, please do.  I will be there, hope to see you as well.  


bruthas_back said...

AZ I doubt their listening.

Ricardo said...

They heard but they don't want to listen. That is why Senator Murray pulled the Ho-Zone bill from this morning's agenda.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but have you seen Zurik's series on the oil leases yet?

Slabbed has a link to it. It is worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Is there a video of mitch's speech today? Who do we need to write if we can't make it to BR next week?

Anonymous said...

seems like the mayor has more pressing issues than HO Zone -