Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mine! All Mine!!!!

Finger-pointing ensues after Hospitality District killed in Legislature

The arrogance is stifling :

Also at issue was a 10 percent tax allocation to the French Quarter Management District, a state entity with no recurring revenue that focuses on quality of life and infrastructure, in Peterson’s proposal. The original bill, authored by Sen. Ed Murray, provided no money for the group.
This was a particular bone of contention for Landrieu, who heaped criticism on the FQMD for its “recalcitrance.” Landrieu characterized the group as demanding a share of money that industry — primarily hotels — had volunteered to forfeit for the city’s image.
“You don’t put in, you don’t get to take somebody else’s money and go do what you want with,” Landrieu said. “They cannot come to a table with no money and no responsibility, and take the money from someplace else to satisfy themselves.”
It's not your goddamn money, Mr. Mayor.  It's tax payers' money...what fucking part that does he not understand?  There is no forfeiture of money on the industry's behalf...the money is an added tax.

So if he feels this way about the the FQMD I guess he should mount a campaign to eliminate the DDD as well.  


Anonymous said...

Mitch = douchjuice

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as altruism - Mitchell J. Landrieu