Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Big Round of Applause

Congratulations to Sen. Karen Carter Peterson for coming in as the most hated Senator of the Louisiana Family Forum.  Not only did she earn a cherised "hostile" status in the LFF color-coded, terrorist chart, Karen was placed at the very bottom of the list.  That makes Sen. Peterson my personal hero.

Congratulations senator...keep up the great work!


vincemacpaul said...

Yes Senator, keep it up. There's a seat on the N.O. Counsel for you if you massage my sphincter muscle with a bit more finesse in the rhymes of the jeffersons. Have a good day, QuarterMoon

Jason Brad Berry said...

If you're suggesting she's catering to Mitch's whims you need to do some serious catching up on your scuttlebutt. There is no love loss between those two.