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Comment Bump - Jan 22, 2013 - Katrina Cars

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Don't forget about all the local connections to Churchwell:

Also, the $100,000 in Memphis- and NOLA-based campaign contributions to Nagin right before the 2006 election at the same time the car contracts were a hot topic:

There's a whole dimension to Nagin that's never been touched. 

Yes, I am very aware that this issue is still on the table and has not been brought up in the current charges against Nagin.  Churchwell was indicted himself and apparently he had a big mouth as he was bragging to many folks that he had bribed Ray with among other things, two condos in downtown Memphis and a Cadillac Escalade.  I'm not sure of the veracity of Churchwell's claims but he supposedly said of Nagin, "He's only about the money."

The "Katrina Cars" issue is a big deal (that first surfaced here...I know I'm being petty but if I don't say it, no one will).  I know many of you in anon land would like to see this issue surface and I would as well because I believe it ensnares at least one person of particular interest to AZ that has yet to face justice....you do the math with the links above.

Some pics of these vehicles here @ LC

One thing to keep in mind, most of these current indictments took place circa 2008 or before and Mr. Fed levied them first simply to avoid the statute of limitations.   That doesn't mean there aren't more indictments on Nagin to come.   Clancy lays out some of the more egregious possibilites in this column

This may sound outrageous but I've heard rumblings that there could be closer to 200, not just 20, felony charges laying in wait for Ray Ray if all of his transgressions are tallied.  I don't think many of those will ever see the light of day because I think he's going to have a moment of sanity,  reach a plea and go canary....and if that happens....it's going to be a good time to buy stock in Pfizer.

But who knows?  I've always said that Ray is pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for anything in his life, maybe we'll go to trial after all.  It's a win/win either way but part of me would really like to see this trial.      

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