Monday, November 09, 2015

David Vitter - Commentary - "shady blogger" gets stalked by shadier Senator who then plays victim card

Stephanie Grace quick take:  Prostitution scandal, surveillance, campaign ads all come up at David Vitter, John Bel Edwards' first face-to-face exchange:

"Vitter came closest to making news on this front, when he linked his suspicions about John Cummings, the wealthy trial lawyer and Edwards donor taped by a Vitter p.i. at a Metairie coffee shop, to Danny DeNoux, a private investigator who was also at the table along with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. DeNoux has admitted he found a source for a blogger who's been investigating Vitter's past, and at the forum Monday, Vitter said Denoux also was a target of the Vitter campaign's surveillance, which he deemed neither illegal nor improper. 
"That person was researching what I believe is an illegal scheme" to "pay for false testimony for witnesses against me," Vitter said. He said he had already contacted federal authorities over the matter."
Awesome! Yes! I hope he has gone to federal authorities over the matter and I hope the federal authorities ask him the following questions I posited in my previous post:

1.  What, if any, was the nature of your relationship with William Andre Droulia in the 1990's and or the estate of Helis Oil and Gas?

2.  Did you ever come into contact with Michelle Mosgrove and did you have sex with her?  Did you pay to have sex with her or did someone else pay for you to have sex with her specifically at a party on St. Charles Avenue circa 1996?

3.  Were you ever on the boat, the "Aera"?

4.  Were you ever on the boat, the "Aera", with Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?  Was there a picture taken of you on the Aera with Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?

5.  Do you have any firsthand information about the suicide/death of Michelle Mosgrove on Dec. 7, 1997?

Also, if any federal authority would like to speak with me, I would be happy to put them in touch with numerous confidential sources that don't want to go on the record. I'm sure most of them would be happy to aid in any investigation, they just don't want their names to be made public.

This is the best news yet....if he's willing to talk to the FBI...that's great.

In the meantime, I would love for Senator Vitter to clear up exactly what his sins were fifteen years ago...that's the year 2000.  Is he admitting to the relationship with Wendy Ellis?

Also, I would like to know exactly what he means by "false testimony" in the story I have researched. What, exactly, is false?  I would love to sit down with the Senator and discuss, point by point, what he thinks is false in anything I've reported.  I challenge him to sit down with me, on camera, just like Wendy Ellis did and answer my questions so we can find out exactly what he is referring to by "false testimony".

And, I would like to see him sit down with Ricky Ketchum and tell him to his face that he is lying when he placed Vitter visiting the exact location, 904 Dumaine, repeatedly, at the exact time frame Wendy Ellis claimed their relationship took place.  It's one thing to say Ellis is lying but Ketchum was an independent, objective source.  And why haven't any MSM reporters asked him about Ketchum's testimony?  Why is that?  

It amazes me that he had me followed, he was stalking me and my family, at my house... he was stalking an independent reporter, not a campaign he is suggesting he's been victimized?  That's rich.

Wendy Ellis was brave enough to come forward and allow me to question her on camera. Is David Vitter brave enough?        


Unknown said...

I am afraid you have a much better chance at hitting the lottery twice without even buying a ticket then having Vitter sit down and answer your questions.
He don't have it in him he is a fake!!

Calph said...

Just read about Wes Bearden and his clumsy efforts to discredit you. I expect Vitter'll keep denying everything, but as you bring the truth into the open it seems that the tide is finally turning against him.

I'd be pretty shaken if major political operators were pulling such dirty tricks on me. It speaks volumes about your integrity that you've done such deep and incisive reporting in such a hostile environment. Thank you for all your hard work- New Orleans and Louisiana are lucky to have you.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Thank you, Calph

Anonymous said...

Just about EVERY picture of David Vitter lately shows him with pursed lips.

"Most often, the lip pursing results from a half, or partial truth, and suggests there is more," says body language expert Vincent Harris, from Kansas City, Mo. "They are withholding some information, even as they share, telling us they are 'coming clean' and 'telling all.' "