Friday, November 13, 2015

David Vitter - Manufacturing Dissent

I'm not making a partisan statement but I want to post this letter the Louisiana Democrats have issued to Senator Vitter:

An Open Letter to Senator David Vitter

In addition to these questions they have posed to David Vitter, I have a question I would like posed to the unnamed woman who met with Wes Bearden in the Hammond IHOP.

While I have never met the woman Bearden coerced false testimony from, also known as subornation of perjury, I think I know who she is.  If this false affidavit was indeed delivered to the FBI as Senator Vitter stated, I would hope the FBI interviews the woman and confirms I never spoke with her nor attempted to contact her, much less paid her or anyone else I spoke with while researching this story.  I have never offered money to anyone I've interviewed on any story I've written on this blog. I was only recently made aware of who this woman is and the nature of her past relationship to Wendy Ellis.

I would very much like the FBI to ask this woman the following question:

- Were you ever on the boat, the Aera, owned by William Andre Drouila, with David Vitter and Wendy Ellis (Cortez)?

I will be filing an ethics complaint with both the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Texas State Bar Association against Mr. Bearden for suborning perjury against me.

Also, I would like to know if Mr. Bearden paid this woman or anyone else for the false testimony.


Anonymous said...

While you're at it, request that the Louisiana Bar investigate charges that Vitter did, in fact, solicit a prostitute in Louisiana and thus violated his attorney's oath. If your evidence is true (and I believe it is) he should be considered for disbarment or other such sanctions. You have the evidence my friend, it's about time someone used it to get him investigated by the Bar. They've investigated claims with far less veracity.

Unknown said...

Please do what ever you have to do to knock that grin of Vitters face.
Thank you for all your hard work Mr. Berry

Clay said...

Wendy Vitter knowingly put an innocent man in prison when an Orleans ADA

The law isn't a big deal in that family.