Tuesday, November 17, 2015

David Vitter - a stalking obsession

You know, I have great solution to this.

I've got these guys tracking me....they're called Bearden and Associates....Senator Vitter is paying for it....I'll agree to check in every 6 hours or so and give his campaign updates on what I'm doing (mostly working on my golf game) and he can just use Bearden to track this renegade Syrian, his own wife, Wendy Vitter, helped  bring in to Baton Rouge.

Do we have a deal, Dave?  Everyone wins...of course I don't mean the election...I just mean in the interim.

Actually, I will have my tech friends create an app that will track my location in real time, via GPS, and even let the public track me.  Will you play along, Senator?  


Clay said...

David Vitter got into another fender bender.


Rental car companies should hang signs, "DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN"

david lubrano said...

Great Udea James , but please don't hold your breath waiting in the scum bag to go along with any thing that would expose him for what he really is. Thanks for your work and I hope your golf game improves!

Anonymous said...

Watching his 5 minute "speech" regarding the refugees, I noticed all the empty chairs in the background and around him. Then I noticed the time--the senate is empty because it is lunch time and they are probably recessed while he's grandstanding for the camera. No wonder he can speak freely for 5 minutes. If he had questions about the program, all he had to do was to ask his wife, who is the attorney for the New Orleans Catholic Charities handling Syrian refugee placement in Louisiana, all three families to date.

Anonymous said...


How sex, spying and Bobby Jindal ruined David Vitter’s run for Louisiana governor

"The prostitution issue also returned to the news cycle in October when a local blogger, Jason Berry , began posting interviews with a New Orleans prostitute who claimed Vitter had been a client for years. When he had impregnated her, she said, Vitter had pressured her to abort the baby. She refused and claims to have given birth to his child."

"His name is Robert Frenzel, and the sheriff booked him on charges of criminal mischief. Frenzel had indeed been recording the sheriff and his friends, with what the sheriff described as “a sophisticated device that was disguised as a cellphone”. In Frenzel’s car deputies found files related to the blogger who had written about Vitter’s alleged love child with a prostitute.

Frenzel was a private detective himself, it turned out, and working for David Vitter."

Anonymous said...

Damn! Overlooked the sourcing of the RawStory post.

Here it is- The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/20/david-vitter-louisiana-governor-election-bobby-jindal