Thursday, April 21, 2016

Almost the season

Obviously I haven't been doing a lot of work here on AZ but that will soon change.  I made the decision last year to put my journalism efforts on the shelf during the busiest months of the year where I actually make money (video production and webcasting)....October through May.

Once Jazzfest is over I plan on kicking back into gear for a bloggerific summer.

I have a couple of stories I've been researching and I can't wait to get back in the saddle so stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Cannot wait. I hear you are perfecting your game too. Look forward to seeing that on display.

Anonymous said...

YES! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How about Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy and his $240k Bentley Convertible with Montana plates. I would love to know how a state treasurer can afford a $240k automobile?

Anonymous said...

Jazz Fest is over now. What's your excuse?

Kevin said...


I hope you don't mind me posting a couple of links to another blog and newspaper. The stories have so many ties to important matters discussed on The AZ in the not-so-distant past.

The first is from the The Hayride:

The second is from The Advocate:

There is a link I can't find, but it would be to a video of Miss Fayard's presentation to the Baton Rouge Press Club on March 28. It's best when you hear her own words.

In the Billy Nungesser article below, I wrote out what I felt were some relevant questions for Miss Fayard.

Not sure if she was an avid AZ follower, I wrote, faxed and emailed a letter directly to Miss Fayard and her campaign contact on April 14 asking some very fair, relevant and specific questions about her comments and representations voluntarily and proudly made on March 28. There's been no response, yet.

You'll get first dibs on publishing her response, if she ever does provide any.

Kevin said...

Many AZ readers know the PSC has been scheduled to submit in or about August a motion/application to award shares/allocations of the Common Benefit Attorneys' Fees in the BP settlement.

Long before this was scheduled in PTO No. 59, I, as a class member and non-attorney, had unsuccessfully motioned the court to appoint a separate, independent Special Master to actually audit the time and expense records being submitted by the attorneys because I felt their submissions should be closely examined for potentially improper or inaccurate billing. It's my personal opinion that attorney time and expense submissions deserve the same level of scrutiny and safeguards against fraud as the submissions made to the DHECC by injured or damaged claimants. The court denied my motion.

Instead, the court later appointed a "Special Counsel" to the Fee Committee to help them in their decision-making process on how much should be allocated to each attorney or firm applying for a piece of the Common Benefit Fees. I wrote a letter to that Special Counsel, Arnold Levin, and attached documents he filed in an unrelated suit he had against other attorneys, including at least 1 member of the BP PSC in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in the 1st Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Civil Suit No. 010500374.

Below is a link to the documents I sent with my letter. These documents and first-hand experience helped form the basis for my concerns about attorney time and expense records. If you want, copy the link to your browser, open the file and read the 2 documents to see what can happen with Fee Committees and their allocation of fees to themselves and others. Look for the pages with either check marks in the margin or highlighted text for information about Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton's brother.

I hope you find some of it informative and interesting.

Kevin said...


In spite of repeated requests, it appears Caroline Fayard won't answer the simple questions I sent her back in April to clarify her statements to the Baton Rouge Press Club. The truth is the enemy of some people, and I personally believe that is the case with Caroline Fayard.

Here's a link to my April 14 letter to her. There are 2 errors in my letter where I refer to her claim of "uncompensated" work. She actually used the word "unpaid" instead of "uncompensated."

If you search the LPB site and watch the video of her March 28 presentation to the Press Club, she actually seems to be complaining that she spent 4 years of her life working on the BP settlement. It reminded me of BP's Tony Hayward who said he "wanted his life back."

Not responding to relevant, reasonable questions about her self-touted credentials also reminds me of the good ole boy politicians she says she wants to replace. What a farce.